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Smell Gas When Your Furnace Starts?

Is it normal to smell gas when my furnace starts up? No, there could be many causes for the smell; we have listed a few below. There are several DIY articles on the internet about fixing a gas smell, from putting soap on the gas lines to see if the lines are leaking and opening [...]

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Don’t Wait to Have Your Propane Refilled

There's nothing worse than running out of propane and your furnace stops working. Before it is cold and propane prices go up, now is the time to fill your propane. Propane prices are generally higher in the winter, and if you let your system completely run out then you have to pay to have it [...]

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Do You Have Cold Rooms in the Winter?

Many homeowners find that in the winter months there are certain rooms of the home that do not seem to hold much or any heat at all. Their solution is to run a space heater in those rooms just to make them livable. However, Cold rooms in the home could be a sign of inefficient [...]

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Be Safe This Winter, Install a Carbon Monoxide CO Detector

Having Meyer Air inspect, clean, and tune up your gas furnace system and repair any leaks yearly is very important in protecting your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. When your gas furnace, water heater, or boiler malfunctions, or the vent becomes blocked, carbon monoxide can be leaked into your home. Carbon Monoxide or CO poisoning [...]

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Adding a whole house humidifier to your home

If your home is dry in the winter then maybe the answer is a whole house humidifier.  A humidifier can be installed on your furnace and is not very costly. Humidifier supplies moisture back into the air and requires heat, water, and air movement in order to do so.  Moisture in the form of vapor [...]

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Upgrade to a programmable thermostat can save you money this winter

Tired of dealing with your manual thermostat, always trying to remember to turn the heat down before you leave? If saving money on your utility bills and using less energy and resources this winter is something that interest you, then a programmable or smart thermostat is a great option. By having Meyer Heating and Air [...]

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Does Your Furnace Need to Be Repaired?

When the weather is at its coldest, it's extremely important that your furnace is operating perfectly. However, if you have noticed anything unusual about your furnace or its heat production lately, then it may be time to call Meyer Air for some repairs. Some common signs of a furnace that needs repair: Furnace has trouble [...]

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Insulation Tips

Insulating your home is one of the best ways to make sure your home stays warm this winter.  Heat most easily escapes from your home due to poor insulation, which leads to a colder house despite high heating bills. If  your home is already insulated, chances are it could be insulated better.  Since hot air [...]

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Furnace Pilot Light

One of the most critical things to the operation of your furnace is the pilot light.  The pilot light is a small constantly burning flame that allows the fuel feeding your furnace to take flame and heat up your home.  Occasionally, however, the pilot light can go out, rendering your furnace inoperable. Several things can [...]

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Tips for Reducing Your Heating Bill

With winter on its way, so are higher heating bills.  When you turn on your furnace every day, that's more money that needs to be spent keeping it running.  Here are a few tips to keep your heating bill reasonable this winter. Make sure your home is properly insulated.  Escaping heat will cause your thermostat [...]

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