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Cleaning your heating system not only helps the system produce better heat, but it also allows for that heat to be better dissipated throughout your house, and cuts down on carbon monoxide buildup. A clean heating system is an efficient heating system, and this will help save you money on your heating bill by not overworking the system and using more fuel. We recommend at least an annual cleaning, but more often is never a bad thing.

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  • Cleaning the Registers – The front lines of heat expulsion in your home is from the registers on the floor, walls and ceiling. If they’re clogged, then the the whole system gets backed up and doesn’t heat efficiently. Cleaning the registers goes a long way to improve the heating ability of your system.
  • Changing the Filter – Your furnace filter traps airborne particles and allergens and prevents them from blowing all over your house. If the filter gets dirty and clogged, however, then it isn’t helping and will cause diminished airflow throughout the house. We recommend changing the filter as often as it needs it, or as soon as it gets dirty and clogged.
  • Cleaning the Ducts – Duct cleaning is critical to ensuring proper heat flow throughout the house. Ducts get filled with airborne debris and dust, and over time can diminish airflow significantly. Call Meyer Air today to have us come and clean our your ducts, restoring air flow and better heating your home.
  • Cleaning the Heat Pump – Outside heat pumps can get clogged with leaves and even snow, and will not work efficiently. Making sure your heat pump is clean will drastically improve the heating capabilities of your system.

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