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Heating and Cooling Service Agreement

Save Energy and Money on HVAC Maintenance in St. Louis

Homeowners are turning to service agreements through their St. Louis HVAC experts to help them maintain their home’s heating and cooling equipment. For a low annual or monthly fee, maintenance plan subscribers receive bi-annual equipment inspections, priority scheduling for house calls, and discounts on equipment repairs and replacements.

Our service agreement pays for itself in just the two inspection visits and can help make air conditioner maintenance and heater maintenance easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective. If you own your own home in St. Louis, Ballwin, Fenton, St. Charles, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, and the surrounding areas, you’re eligible to sign up for a service agreement with Meyer Heating and Air, your St. Louis air conditioning, heating, and energy savings experts.

HVAC Service Agreement Benefits

Signing up for a service agreement and getting annual equipment inspections and tune-ups gives you the peace of mind that your systems have been checked over for any faults and is expected to run smoothly.

With regular inspections, you will:

  • • Increase the life expectancy of your system. Well-maintained air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers can last significantly longer than those that do not receive regular maintenance. You will not need to replace equipment as often.
  • • Increase the comfort and safety of your home. You will be able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and not have to worry about your equipment creating problems for you or your home.
  • • Decrease operating costs. Properly cleaned and checked systems run more efficiently than those that aren’t, which can save you money on your energy bills.

Learn more about the benefits of signing up for a service agreement.

What Our Service Agreement Includes

Our one-year service agreement covers your heating and air conditioning equipment for one year. The agreement includes two service inspections each year, one for your heating system, and one for your cooling system.

The inspections of your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or boiler include:

Heating Inspection

Cooling Inspection

  1. Clean and adjust controls
  2. Clean burners
  3. Adjust combustion
  4. Lubricate parts as needed
  5. Test for combustion leaks
  6. Test safety shutoff response
  7. Test blower
  8. Check flue for proper venting
  1. Clean condenser
  2. Test electrical connections
  3. Test safety devices
  4. Lubricate parts as needed
  5. Test for refrigerant levels
  6. Test airflow
  7. Check blower
  8. Check coil temperatures

Our service agreement comes with additional benefits to help you maintain, repair, and replace your home’s HVAC equipment, including whole-house humidifiers and filtration systems. You will receive:

  • • A 25% discount on repair parts and labor
  • • Priority service appointments for service agreement holders

St. Louis Area Heating and Cooling Service Agreement Cost

The low annual cost of our service agreement helps St. Louis-area homeowners maintain and tune-up their heating and cooling systems, ultimately saving them time and money over the cost of major repairs or replacements that may become necessary when equipment is neglected.

Meyer Heating and Air offers our service agreement to our valued clients for $168 per year (which includes the full costs of both inspections), or just $14 per month.

Ready to purchase a service agreement for your home? Call us at 314-845-1929 or contact us online.

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