Are your utility bills through the roof, but your air conditioner STILL isn’t cooling properly? One of the leading causes of improper air flow are poorly installed Air Conditioning units resulting in leaking air ducts and overall poor air flow. It is also not uncommon, when an inexperienced or poorly trained technician installs an air conditioning unit, for the refrigerant charge (the amount of refrigerant in the system) to not match the manufacturer’s specifications. An improper refrigerant charge results in inefficient operation of the AC unit and can ultimately lead to early failure of components.

Troubleshooting – Air Conditioner Not Cooling

You burned the eggs this morning, and not only turned on the stove vent fan, but switched the fan to “on” enabling the HVAC system fan to clear out the smoke. When the fan runs and the air conditioning compressor is not, the air being blown out will not be cooled. However, this won’t prevent the compressor from starting, and your home shouldn’t be hot. Go to the next step.
On the thermostat, ensure it is set to “cool”, and not “off” or “heat” either of which will prevent the compressor from running, and your air conditioner not to cool.
Next, check the temperature the thermostat is set on. If it is set to cut on at 78 degrees, and it is 77 degrees or less in the home, the compressor will not start. But if the fan is in the “on” position, the fan will run blowing room temperature air. Lower the temperature below the displayed indoor temperature. If the system doesn’t cut on and cool, and the ac is blowing warm air, go to the next step.
Check the AC breaker in your homes electrical service panel. If it is in the “off” position, push it back to on. The breaker should be labeled on the door list. Check for cooling. If none, and the air conditioner is not cooling but blowing warm air, check the outside condenser unit to see if the fan is running.
Most air conditioners have a breaker in the system. The breaker for the outside condenser unit should be mounted in a service box near the condenser unit, (most, but not all have the exterior breaker). Check the breaker within this box and ensure it is on. If it was not, once you flip it to on, the outside portion should run. Check inside the home for cooling.
If you still have no cooling and have a split system, check the breaker on the inside portion of the system (the air handler). It may look like a light switch toggle. Turn it to “on”. If your ac is blowing warm air after this, you will need to call your HVAC technician for air conditioning service.
While a clogged filter may not be the immediate cause of the lack of cooling, it can lead to overheating of the system and cause a breaker to be thrown. It can also cause dirty coils which can lead to a lack of cooling.

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In making a selection for new installation, remember to have a load analysis done to determine the proper size of equipment and duct work. These calculations take into account all aspects of your environment, including window size and location, construction materials, wall construction and orientation, ceiling heights, flooring, appliances, insulation and more. Meyer cooling installation experts ensure that all equipment is properly installed to deliver the highest possible energy efficiency..

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