Freon is the refrigerant that keeps your AC unit pumping out cold air. If it is leaking, then it isn’t doing it’s job properly or efficiently, and can even be a hazard to your health. It is important that your AC unit is kept supplied with freon to ensure that it operates efficiently and continues to do what it does best: blow out cold air.

Meyer Air is an expert and diagnosing and fixing freon leaks in almost any type of air conditioning system. Our trained experts use equipment to test to see where the freon may be leaking from, and they have the tools and knowledge to fix it right.

Fixing a Freon Leak Properly

The key to fixing a freon leak is to find where the leak is occurring. Most residential AC units are outside, so that is typically where most leaks occur.
The amount of freon that is leaking often coincides with the lack of cooling that your AC unit is producing. Large leaks require large fixes, and sometimes may require the entire AC unit to be replaced. Knowing the size of the issue is critical to understanding how to fix it.
Fixing freon leaks is something that should be left to the experts, as freon can be harmful to both you and the environment. Meyer Air technicians have the tools and knowledge to fix the leak properly.
After a leak has been fixed, it is important to test the system and ensure that no more freon is leaking and that the AC unit is functioning normally.

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