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Adding a whole house humidifier to your home

If your home is dry in the winter then maybe the answer is a whole house humidifier.  A humidifier can be installed on your furnace and is not very costly. Humidifier supplies moisture back into the air and requires heat, water, and air movement in order to do so.  Moisture in the form of vapor is added whenever the humidity level in the home is lower than the desired level and the HVAC system fan is moving air.  A humidistat is installed on your furnace to control the humidity in the house, just like the thermostat controls the temperature.  Here are a few benefits to having a whole house humidifier installed.

  • In real cold months your indoor humidity could go as low as 5-10%. Low humidity creates dry throats, brittle skin and aggravate respiratory ailments.  Supplying moisture in the air will help elevate those symptoms.
  • As dry air sucks that moisture out, the wood in your home will shrink and crack. Hardwood floors separate at the seams, furniture will also shrink and crack, and doors warp and no longer fit their frames as the moisture is drawn off.
  • Humidifiers are designed to maintain an indoor relative humidity of 35% anytime the temperature is above 20. Some homes may be able to attain higher indoor humidity. It all depends on the age of the windows, wall and ceiling insulation, and how tight your home is.  By keeping humidity levels at 35% or higher static electricity is greatly reduced.
  • You can also save money being comfortable at a lower temperature with the right humidity. Air that has the correct amount of humidity warms quickly, so your furnace will not run as long.
  • Having an upgraded humidifier with an automatic digital control and an outdoor sensor can be helpful.   The outdoor temperature sensor continuously reports any change in environment back  to the automatic digital control located on the cold air return in your basement. This control uses this information to determine if the home needs additional humidity, to ensure the correct humidity level is always maintained.
  • If you use a fireplace or a wood burning stove in the winter to help offset your heating bill, then a whole house humidifier can be a major benefit to you.

Give Meyer Heating and Air Conditioner a call with any questions you may have about a whole house humidifier.  We will be happy to assist you.