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Air Conditioner Repairs Your Stimulus Check Can Pay For

stimulus check HVAC repairs

Get your AC System Running Right for Summer

Most Americans received a stimulus check from the government this spring as a result of the coronavirus shelter-in-place and shut-downs in some areas. While some people needed to spend their check immediately on necessities, others may be wondering what they should use it for, especially as they prioritize household repairs and maintenance.

At Meyer Heating and Air, we can turn your stimulus check into a well-functioning HVAC system, if that’s the kind of thing you’re needing right now. The return on investment is almost immeasurable. A well-running HVAC gives you savings on energy bills, requires less frequent repairs, and helps you feel comfortable in your own home. You can worry less about your equipment’s next unexpected breakdown and spend more time enjoying your home.

Here are a few AC repairs or AC maintenance tasks you can get done on a $1,200 budget.

Maintaining an Air Conditioner in St. Louis

A maintenance call is one of the least expensive ways to prevent future air conditioner problems. On a maintenance call, a St. Louis-area HVAC expert from Meyer Heating and Air inspects your equipment and makes sure it’s running smoothly.

Because maintenance isn’t an emergency repair, we recommend calling us during regular business hours to schedule a time for us to come to your home in Fenton or O’Fallon to tune up your HVAC and keep it running well for you. We’ll come at a time convenient for you to conduct an inspection, perform basic maintenance for you, and educate you on anything you need to know or understand about your HVAC. Regular maintenance visits are the perfect time for you to ask questions about what you should be doing to take care of your air conditioner or furnace.

Using your stimulus check, tax refund, or even your annual bonus to pay for maintenance and services is a wise way to make sure your home is efficiently running. Regular maintenance also can help extend the life of your AC unit or furnace, which actually saves you money long-term.

Minor Air Conditioning Repairs

Some AC issues can be fixed cheaply, and for far less than the cost of installing new equipment (which your stimulus check may not cover). Based on the national average, AC repairs like replacing a condensate drain tube or flushing the drain line are some of the least expensive repairs that may need to be done. Of course, actual cost depends on a lot of factors, like the type and size of replacement parts you need.

Other less-costly repairs or maintenance include:

  • Changing out air filters
  • Adding Freon or other refrigerant to your system
  • Installing a new thermostat
  • Replacing breakers, relays, or fuses (depending on type)

When you call us to perform minor air conditioner repairs, we’ll walk you through each step of the repair process and go over what you can expect with regard to functionality and cost. As with anything we do, we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees or add-ons.

More Costly AC Repairs in the St. Louis Metro Area

More complicated repairs or parts replacements naturally do cost more. They take more time and expertise to fix. Sometimes, they require special-order parts, especially if your HVAC equipment is older and uses more antiquated components.

Repairing fan motors, replacing condenser coils, checking the entire system for leaks, or installing a new compressor tend to cost more due to the labor required to perform the repairs. Your stimulus check could be enough to fund these more complex repairs, depending on what’s wrong with your system.

Repairs that require more labor and parts include:

  • Replacing condensate drain pump
  • Replacing drain pans
  • Locating and repairing a refrigerant leak
  • Replacing the compressor
  • Repairing the outdoor fan motor
  • Replacing the condenser coil

Replacing an AC Unit

If your unit is outdated, has required too many repairs in recent months, or if you’re just ready to upgrade to a more efficient system, your stimulus check could get you well on your way to purchasing and installing brand-new equipment.

If your system requires a repair that will cost more than replacement, we often do recommend you purchase and install a new system because it will be more cost effective for you than having us back out repeatedly doing repairs. It also will be less stressful for you to have reliable equipment installed.

If your stimulus check doesn’t cover the full cost of replacement, Meyer Heating and Air offers free financing on any product or service starting at $1,500. We’ll work with you to set up a payment plan that will allow you to keep your HVAC systems running and to stay comfortable indoors.

Our experts also will help choose the best HVAC system for the size of your home and energy preferences, should you need new equipment installed, and provide pricing information on all your options. Pricing varies on a number of factors, including home size.

Get the Meyer Difference

So, why should you spend your stimulus check maintaining your HVAC system? Because it’s one of the most important components of your home! It’s more than just keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also helps decrease humidity indoors in the summer. Too high humidity in your home can lead to mold and fungus growth and damage to finishes.

You can trust us at Meyer Heating and Air to be transparent and honest about any needed repair work, to treat you and your home with respect, and to make sure you understand what’s happening at each step of the repair or replacement process.

As a family owned-business with more than 30 years of combined HVAC experience, our team knows that heating and cooling systems are investments. That’s why we deliver consistent results and service for all installations, service calls, or routine maintenance, and charge affordable prices throughout the St. Louis area.

Give us a call today 314-845-1929 if you’re ready to get your air conditioner running at its best.