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Combating Flu, RSV, and COVID By Improving Indoor Air Quality

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How Our Residential Indoor Air Quality Experts Can Protect Your Health at Home

St. Louis – like much of the country – is experiencing the effects of three viruses at once: the flu, RSV, and COVID-19. At this point, it’s likely that you’ve acquired at least one of these viruses, know some other families and friends who have, or you’ve seen how suddenly the office seemed a little less populated as soon as the cold season came around.

Much attention has been paid to indoor air quality (often abbreviated as IAQ), as more technology has become available to improve our air – and also because of the global pandemic that began in 2020. Medical facilities, schools, daycares, and even private businesses were quickly trying to figure out how to improve their indoor air quality with air purification systems and overhauls to their existing HVAC units. Families started getting interested in residential indoor air quality as well, to ensure that they could remain as healthy as possible, even after returning from school or work.

While many have been interested in indoor air quality for a lot longer than the past few years – such as those who suffer from asthma-triggering allergies or commercial businesses that create manufacturing debris – it seems that our industry, and our world, is experiencing a big shift. Fortunately, outstanding HVAC companies have risen to the challenge of ensuring that indoor air quality is accessible for all. In St. Louis, that company is Meyer Heating & Air, known for air purification, filtration, and humidity-control solutions, in addition to our heating and cooling service offerings.

Our Indoor Air Quality Service Includes State-of-the-Art, High-Performance Products

Meyer Heating & Air, whose team has over 30 years of experience serving customers in the St. Louis area, is proud to offer effective commercial and residential indoor air quality solutions that provide health and wellness benefits far beyond what traditional HVAC services can handle.

The benefits of indoor air quality systems, including air filtration, air purification, and humidity-control solutions include:

  • Protection from airborne contaminants
  • Allergy and asthma defense
  • Better breathing for those with respiratory illnesses and infections
  • More energy, productivity, and ability to learn
  • A sense of wellness
  • A guard against the odors created by smoking, pets, mold, and more
  • Fewer symptoms of dry air, including dry skin, hair damage, and sore throats
  • Reduced likelihood of humidity-related damage to your personal property and home

To experience these benefits, Meyer Heating & Air offers three primary services:

1. Air Purification System Installation

Known as air scrubbers, air purification systems are installed inside your HVAC system to neutralize and deactivate 99.9 percent of airborne particles. As a factory-authorized dealer for Sanuvox, the premier air purification company on the market, we are proud to offer their products to you.

2. Air Filtration Installation

Meyer Heating & Air can install highly-rated HEPA filtration products to ensure airborne contaminants are filtered out of the air you and your family breathe.

3. Humidity Control: Dehumidification and Humidification Products

Install a whole-home dehumidifier and humidifier systems to protect your home, your personal property, and your wellbeing from the effects of dry and overly humid air.

No matter the direction you decide to take for indoor air quality filtration, air purification, and protection for your home, we look forward to the opportunity to provide a walkthrough of our products, listen to your questions, and thoroughly explain how our systems operate – and how they can benefit your home for years to come. Meyer Heating & Air stands behind all of our products, and enthusiastically shares our technical knowledge to make sure you’re getting the very best for your heating, cooling, and overall air quality.

Meyer Heating & Air Is Your Expert Team for Indoor Air Quality Technology and Services

If you’re in the market for air purification, air filtration technology, or humidity control, Meyer Heating & Air has your solution. As Sanuvox factory authorized dealers, we can ensure you’re getting top-of-the-line measures to protect your family or business from allergens, viruses, and – in the case of our air purification systems – 99.9 percent of airborne particles.

Find out why residential indoor air quality has become the talk of the scientific community for better overall health, disease protection, and even greater cognition and energy levels.

We’re enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge, expertise, and customer service for any and all heating and cooling repairs, including our indoor air quality products and services. Meyer Heating & Air is available 24/7 at (314) 845-1929, or you can schedule a home consultation with us online.

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