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Commercial Building Maintenance Tips

HVAC installation for commercial building

Your building is your most important asset

Like any other asset, commercial buildings need to be maintained at regular intervals so that their value and utility remain constant. A commercial organization provides for depreciation in its funds and earmarks money out of its revenues to take care of wear and tear and upkeep of assets. Not only should a commercial building be maintained at periodic intervals, but it should also be adequately upgraded with current technologies so as to meet user requirements.

Meyer Heating & Air in St. Louis offers services to help you with this process, with special accommodations to air conditioner maintenance, commercial HVAC maintenance, and commercial HVAC installation as a part of your periodic building maintenance activities, or even as a special project. Here are some areas you need to consider and how we can help you do them within your budget.

Building facade

The exterior appearance of your building is the face of your business before your client steps through your doors. So, get it spruced up with lighting, painting, and attractive motifs. Clean up the landscape, mow the lawn, have the grass fertilized, do up the garden beds, and re-check the watering systems that could have been damaged last winter.

Check out the exterior lighting of the building, the circulating area, the parking lot, and any gardens. Set all these up to offer a welcoming and warm feeling to your clients as they step in.

Up on the roof

Over the year, and particularly in fall, roofs get cluttered with loose debris like twigs, leaves, and bird droppings. These clog up the pipes and gutters leading down from the roof. You need to clean up the roof and open up all the vents and grills leading to the vertical rain-water pipes and horizontal gutters to see that, in the coming season, water does not stagnate on the roof.

Water stagnation can lead to a domino effect on the walls, electrical lines, and plumbing. A stitch in time saves nine. While on the job, make sure that your storm water collects in pits and doesn’t overflow into open areas. Storm water drains and pits will take care of your rain-water harvesting compliance, too.

Preventative inspection of plumbing and wiring

Carry out an inspection of the plumbing and wiring systems in your building, to make sure that all fixtures are working normally. Water is one of the most powerful and potentially damaging things that we willingly bring into our buildings. A leaking pipe or hole in the roof can cause immense damage to a building over time. Instead of replacing a washer, you could be replacing an entire ceiling, piping system, or even foundations down the line if you don’t take care of these issues promptly.


Your safety systems and equipment in the building are most vital to your day-to-day work at the site. Peruse your existing safety plans and your equipment and consider suitable upgrades to suit your working pattern if required.

You need to perform thorough testing of the fire alarm system, inspect wiring and equipment for wear and tear or rodent damage, change the batteries in the smoke detectors, service the fire alarm and fire suppression equipment, and so on. Perform dummy runs of fire outbreaks to test these systems and the fire exits to ensure optimum safety of life and property.

Painting and touch-up

Painting isn’t part and parcel of annual preventive maintenance activity. But you should review the paint and condition of all rust-prone metal surfaces that are exposed to the elements. In such cases, we recommend a couple of coats of rust-proof paint on pipelines to prevent rusting and oxidation.

HVAC maintenance

Meyer Heating & Air is available to perform all your air conditioner maintenance. Air conditioning requires periodic maintenance to ensure it is running at maximum efficiency. It’s also better for your employee’s health and productivity if they are breathing fresh, safe air.

A properly maintained HVAC system can last decades. But if you’re running an ancient air conditioning system, you may find that installing a new, modern system will reduce your electricity bills dramatically, to the point that the new system pays for itself within a short period.

We perform an energy audit to help you assess if your heating and cooling units are working efficiently and to their rated capacity. If required, the HVAC filters will be replaced, and ideally every six months. An inspection of the ducting is equally essential to ensure that there is no leakage of cooling or heating leading to inefficiency in the systems. While at it, we can perform any HVAC installation as per your requirement. Contact us to request service today.

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