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Comparing Ruud with Other HVAC Manufacturers

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Who Makes the Best Efficient HVAC Systems?

Consumers looking for a good HVAC manufacturer might be confused by the wide variety of choices available. What exactly is the “best” HVAC manufacturer when there are so many choices?

There’s really no perfect HVAC system type, but you can certainly find the best efficient HVAC system that will work for your St. Louis home and situation for years to come.

The best models on the market today are the energy-efficient ones. These, especially the Energy Star-rated heating and cooling systems, can save you money over time, both through lower utility bills and lower maintenance costs. They can use up to 50% less energy than an older HVAC model.

And when it comes to HVAC manufacturers, Meyer Heating & Air prefers Ruud. Ruud trusts Meyer Heating & Air as an authorized dealer of their products. Keep reading to learn how Ruud systems compare to other brand names.

Comparison of HVAC Manufacturers

It’s important to choose a stellar HVAC manufacturer with high-quality craftsmanship and a generous warranty. Fortunately for you, there are many reputable HVAC system types to choose from. Here are some of the most common brands.


Ruud is a HVAC manufacturer established over 130 years ago, when Edwin Ruud built the first fully-functional automatic water heater. Since then, Ruud has built a strong reputation for its brand, providing some of the best efficient HVAC systems on the market. They are an Energy Star partner, which means that all their HVAC products meet the high Energy Star standards.

Better yet, Ruud has responded to toughened Department of Energy regulations by introducing the all new Ruud® Endeavor™ line of heating and cooling systems. These offer high performance, durability, and smart controls that allow you to adjust your thermostat from your phone. The Endeavor™ line is engineered to leave a smaller carbon footprint and save money on utility bills, while providing you and your family with more comfort. They’ll keep you toasty warm on those freezing cold nights, and during blazing hot summers, they’ll keep you as cool as a tall glass of iced tea.

The heating and cooling systems from Ruud have been designed to be more affordable than other brands, even the high-end models. If you’re planning to upgrade or replace an old system, Ruud systems should be within your budget.

Ruud units are reliable and can easily last 10 to 20 years, but a service agreement with Meyer Heating & Air can make them last even longer. Be sure to ask us about financing and payment plans when you get an estimate for your new Ruud HVAC system.

Better yet, Ruud warranties are among the best in the industry. When our professional HVAC technicians install your new Ruud system, you’ll get a 10-year warranty on parts, limited lifetime warranties on heat exchangers and conditional unit replacement, and a warranty for installation for the lifetime of the equipment.


Carrier offers energy-efficient and super-quiet HVAC system types, but they are one of the most expensive brands overall. Be sure to read the warranty carefully, as it only covers parts, not the labor to repair it. If you don’t register your new unit within 90 days of installation, you’ll be eligible only for a 5-year warranty.


Goodman is a budget HVAC brand. The systems are not very technologically advanced, and they aren’t as energy-efficient as Ruud. For St. Louis homeowners who prefer oil heat, Goodman equipment is off the table; their furnace offerings are only gas or electric.


Trane heating and cooling units are each tested through the equivalent of five years of extreme wear and tear. They’re not among the best efficient HVAC systems out there, but they’re certainly one of the more durable. However, Trane price tags can be shocking. If you don’t register your HVAC system with the company within 60 days, their 10- and 12-year warranties will be replaced with a 5-year warranty.

Find HVAC System Installation in St. Louis

There are so many HVAC system types available, it’s hard to know which is the best for your home. But with Meyer Heating & Air’s long history of installing and maintaining heating and air conditioning systems around the St. Louis area, we’re happy to listen to your specific needs and give you good, better, and best estimates for new Ruud equipment.

If you want additional peace of mind to keep your HVAC system running strong all year long, look to our service agreement. Our friendly technicians will come out twice a year to replace your air filters, tune up your HVAC, and make sure the entire system is running like a song. It’s a great way to make sure your heater and air conditioner is ready to go. The service agreement costs only $14 a month. You’ll also get priority service appointments in the future, along with a 25 percent discount on labor if you do happen to need any HVAC help later on.

Give us a call at (314) 845-1929, or request a service appointment online. Our friendly, expert technicians are ready to help you!