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Dirty Evaporator Coil

Why such a fuss over changing your air filter?

Once your air filter is clogged, dust and dirt will begin to find ways around the filter and make it to your evaporator coil.  There in lies the problem, a dirty evaporator coil.  The evaporator is constantly forming condensation, it is a normal by product of the cool refrigerant in the system meeting the warm air that it is trying to cool.  So all the dirt that is in the air collect on the evaporator coil, plus one added ingredient:  WATER.

This creates a big, nasty,  stopped up coil that can’t get enough air flow to cool your home.

A Dirty Evaporator Coil Causes Many Problems

1) It will cause your air conditioner to stop cooling

2) It may cause your unit to leak water

3) It will definitely run up your electric bill

4) It can cause your outdoor unit to overheat and burn up

5) It is the breading ground for mold, bacteria, and fungus

The only solution is to clean the dirty coil.  And that’s a big chore.  Save the headache, and replace you filters monthly.

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