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Do You Have Cold Rooms in the Winter?

Many homeowners find that in the winter months there are certain rooms of the home that do not seem to hold much or any heat at all. Their solution is to run a space heater in those rooms just to make them livable. However, Cold rooms in the home could be a sign of inefficient heating and you are likely wasting a lot of money in heating costs on top of having the chills. Meyer Air has helped hundreds of home owners and families solve their cold room dilemma and make the winter months much more enjoyable. Give Meyer Air a call to schedule and inspection, and be ready to provide some basic information, such as

  1. Do you have zoned heating (one or two furnaces?)
  2. Single story house
  3. Living area in the basement
  4. Age of the furnace.
  5. Do you have high ceilings in your home?