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How Can a New AC Unit Save You Money?

St. Louis HVAC services

St. Louis HVAC Installation Drops Your Utility Bills and Makes Air Conditioner Repairs a Thing of the Past

It seems counterintuitive, but spending money can actually save you money.

It’s the truth when it comes to heating and cooling systems.

Total HVAC failure and frequent breakdowns are expensive, but purchasing a new air conditioner can change your bank account for the better. Sure, it may take an initial hit, but in the long term, you’ll find that a new AC unit can actually save you money.

Before scheduling yet another air conditioner repair, be sure you understand the ways you could actually save money by getting new HVAC installation in St. Louis, Arnold, Sappington, and surrounding cities.

New Air Conditioner Units are More Efficient

HVAC efficiency is measured in Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, ratings. Older air conditioning units tend to have lower SEER ratings than newer ones; the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit.

The minimum standard SEER ratings for air conditioners is 13, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. These are low-tech units with lower price tags that offer very little savings on utility bills. By comparison, most older models have SEER ratings of 8 or 9. The highest possible rating is 25 for standard split systems, although mini splits are even more efficient.

If your new air conditioner is using less energy, you can expect lower monthly utility bills as a result.

Your New Unit Requires Fewer Air Conditioner Repairs

If you’re doing proper biannual air conditioner maintenance, then your HVAC equipment will last you a long time. But even with strict adherence to a maintenance schedule, your AC unit may still need repairs from time to time. Nothing lasts forever.

Generally, the older the unit, the more care and attention it needs. At a certain point, the cost of multiple service calls, parts, and labor are no longer a smart investment. You’ll need to schedule a new HVAC installation in St. Louis by calling Meyer Heating and Air.

You could see a significant return on your investment because of all the money you’ll save on service calls, AC repairs, and lowered energy bills.

Quieter Operation Means Less White Noise

If you’re a shallow sleeper, even the slightest change in ambient noise, like your home air conditioner kicking off and on, could wake you up. And homeowners with old air conditioning systems know just how loud they can be.

As systems age and become less and less efficient, they can make unusual noises that should trigger you to call your local HVAC service provider. Otherwise, you’ll have to live with a racket – and possibly a broken AC in need of repair.

And even if your older unit is working perfectly, it can still be loud as compared to new systems. Upgrading your system means you may never even notice when your air conditioner kicks on, so you can sleep soundly, without having to invest money in a white noise machine or pay for the cost of running a fan all night long to drown out other sounds.

New Air Conditioners Can Come with Incentives

Rebates and discounts are often available when you purchase new large appliances, and air conditioners are no exception.

When you upgrade to a new Ruud HVAC system, Meyer Heating and Air will help you determine whether you’re eligible for any incentives. They are sometimes available depending on the city or state you live in and how energy efficient your new system is.

Your utility company or the manufacturer may offer these opportunities for savings, especially if you buy a unit with a high SEER rating. Without these incentives and rebates, you’ll likely be paying full price for a new unit.

You Deserve the Best Possible Air Conditioning Service

Get the best care possible when you call Meyer Heating and Air for all your heating and cooling needs. Our family-owned and operated business knows the importance of being comfortable in your own home during any season.

That’s why our skilled HVAC technicians are trained to swiftly diagnose issues you’re having with your current system, and help you find ways to fix it that fit into your budget and schedule. If that includes buying a new air conditioner, our technician will determine the size of the unit you need, and show you several units with a range of SEER ratings to meet your needs.

Call Meyer Heating and Air at 314-845-1929 or submit your service request online, and we’ll add you to our daily schedule.

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