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Insulation Tips

Insulating your home is one of the best ways to make sure your home stays warm this winter.  Heat most easily escapes from your home due to poor insulation, which leads to a colder house despite high heating bills.

If  your home is already insulated, chances are it could be insulated better.  Since hot air rises, the attic or crawlspace above your home is the best place to put insulation.  This traps the heat inside, ensuring that it does not escape and is utilized more efficiently.

Windows are another place where warm air can escape easily, so check to make sure there are no gaps and that your windows are of quality construction and won’t release all of your home’s heat.

One of the best things to insulate, surprisingly, is your hot water heater.  The hot water heater can easily radiate heat which is wasted and not used to heat your water.  This leads to higher heating bills and reduces efficiency.  Invest in a pre-cut piece of insulation that you can wrap around your hot water heater to prevent it from losing too much heat.