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It’s Not Fall Yet! Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance to Make It Through a Hot End to Summer

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Our Premier Residential Air Conditioning Service Visits Are Filling Up Fast

At Meyer Heating & Air, we hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and that you’ve been able to celebrate this beautiful time of year with family and friends.

We also hope your air conditioning has kept you comfortable throughout this sweltering St. Louis summer. Although, it may be good to mention that summer isn’t over yet. We still have to get through a couple of months before we start to see a dip in temperatures.

While you’ve made it through the summer thus far, you might be wondering if your house could be even cooler or more comfortable than it is now – or maybe you know your air conditioning isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, and you keep putting off repairs.

If you’re a homeowner who thinks your system could be working better, the time is now to schedule residential cooling repairs with the premier team for heating and cooling in St. Louis.

Why Our Air Conditioner Maintenance Schedule Is as Full in August as It Is in May, June, and July

Like most things in life, we only tend to take action when things are really at their worst. However, when it comes to air conditioning, you don’t want to wait until the worst occurs. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a heat wave without air conditioning. Although you specifically may be able to make it through, heat can be especially difficult for children, pets, the elderly, the ill, and anyone who wants to get a good night’s sleep.

Our residential air condition service team recommends a proactive approach to ensure your system gets superior repairs and maintenance, as well as our signature optimizations, before you’re stuck in the heat with no AC.

Keep in mind, however, that our St. Louis heating and cooling calendar fills up fast this time of year. Why? Because many St. Louisans are in the same boat. They’ve pushed their air conditioning systems hard in June and July. Now, they recognize the need for residential cooling repairs to ensure their systems are working properly for the next few months.

While we’re always well-staffed with expert-level technicians to help you out, we are expecting a rush. It’s just that so many homeowners want to be sure they’re prepared. According to the National Weather Service, it’s not uncommon to see temps as high as 90 in August. In September, we could easily see days with 85-degree highs.

Make sure to schedule Meyer Heating & Air’s St. Louis heating and cooling services now, so you can beat the heat for the rest of the summer. Keep in mind, we’re also available for 24-hour emergency service when needed.

How to Know If You Need to Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance Right Away

We’re not only receiving calls from customers who are worried their AC won’t make it through the rest of this hot St. Louis summer. We also get calls from customers who are on the fence about whether they need residential cooling repairs from our St. Louis heating and cooling team.

To help homeowners determine whether they need residential air conditioning service, we’ve created this list of signs that your AC needs maintenance or repair to perform well throughout the summer:

  • The air coming from your vents isn’t as cool as it used to be.
  • You have to turn the thermostat extremely low to stay cool.
  • Warm or room temperature air is coming from the vents.
  • Certain rooms aren’t getting cool enough.
  • You hear unusual noises from the system.
  • Your system is constantly blowing cold air and never shuts off.
  • Your utility bills are higher than average.
  • Condensation is forming around your system.
  • An unusual smell is coming from your air vents.

If any of these signs are familiar to you, get on our schedule for exceptional air conditioning service in St. Louis. We’ll ensure your system is working properly in no time, so you can enjoy the hot weather and feel cool and comfortable at the same time.

Schedule State-of-the-Art Air Conditioner Maintenance Today – Here’s How

Our St. Louis heating and cooling repair team looks forward to ensuring your HVAC system is prepared for all seasons, including the rest of this hot, hot summer.

Our caring, trustworthy technicians provide extensive service when we visit your home for residential cooling repairs. You can also expect transparent, clear information about the maintenance we’ve performed to improve your system. When we leave, your HVAC system will be completely optimized for the summer weather – and you’ll be happy.

Don’t get caught in the heat of August; ensure your air conditioner can keep you and your family cool until the fall weather arrives. We’re ready to help with 24-hour emergency services or our regular repair visits, as needed.

Schedule an appointment for residential air conditioning service online today or give us a call at (314) 845-1929.