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Summer Air Conditioning Woes and How to Prevent Them

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St. Louis Heating and Air Experts Help You Keep Cool in the Heat

Mechanical equipment doesn’t last forever, and this includes your St. Louis air conditioning unit.

In the summer, with your A/C on full blast, you may experience some surprise issues with your system. And it always seems to occur during the hottest days of the year.

When air conditioner woes strike, use this handy list of common problems to either diagnose your A/C, or to determine that you need help from the pros at Meyer Heating and Air.

Your Air Filter Gets Dirty

A dirty air filter in your forced-air HVAC system comes with a host of symptoms that are easily remedied by swapping out a filter or cleaning your reusable one.

Your air filter should be changed no less frequently than every three months, but if you have pets or a larger family, you may need to change your filter more frequently because it will fill with particulates more quickly.

If your system doesn’t seem to blow cold air, it’s wise to check your air filter first. Then, ensure your vents are open. If those are OK, it’s time to contact a professional for help.

Your Electricity Bills are Through the Roof

It’s normal for your electric-powered residential air conditioner to run up your utility bills in the summer. But if you’re receiving utility bills that are exorbitant, then you likely have a problem.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a faulty thermostat, but other times it could be a malfunction within your condenser or evaporator.

Compare your current month’s utility bills to the same month a year ago to see whether your usage has changed. If there’s a big difference, contact our St. Louis heating and air team to look into the problem.

Your Lines are Frozen Inside and Out

The outside component of your air conditioner is called the condenser. If the lines to your condenser are frozen over, that’s a good indicator that you have a problem that will require a professional to diagnose and fix.

If your lines are frozen, thaw them out immediately by turning your system’s fan on to run constantly, but turning the cooling function off. It can take several hours to thaw the lines.

Thawing your lines may help your A/C run cold again, but it doesn’t fix the underlying problem, and it produces a lot of water – from the melting ice – that will need somewhere to go.

Don’t attempt a repair yourself. A St. Louis heating and air expert can determine what went wrong and get it fixed for you.

Your Refrigerant Gets Low

When your refrigerant gets low, it’s likely because you have a leak in your system. Refrigerant is a liquid inside your air conditioner that sucks up the hot air and sends it outdoors.

If you have a refrigerant leak, it can be repaired. However, if your system is so old it still uses R-22 freon – a refrigerant that has been phased out and is incredibly costly to acquire – it’s worthwhile to upgrade to a new air conditioner. We recommend Ruud residential air conditioning products for their quality and energy efficiency.

Your System is Noisy

You shouldn’t have to endure a noisy air conditioning system. Not only is it annoying, but it could also damage your system and cause additional repairs.

If you’re hearing screeching or squealing, you may have a faulty belt or broken motor bearing. Thumping, banging, or rattling could mean there’s an issue in your blower or motor. For these problems, request air conditioning service from Meyer Heating and Air, either by phone, or through our handy website portal.

A smacking noise could indicate debris stuck in blower fan blades. Turn your system off and let the blower fan come to a complete stop before investigating the existence of debris. You may be able to clear debris yourself.

Get Air Conditioning Service from Meyer Heating and Air

Regular air conditioner maintenance can help prevent major issues from arising when you need your A/C the most.

To ensure your equipment is cared for properly, sign up for our service agreement, which guarantees you two free service visits per year to maintain and clean your system.

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