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Time for A new Furnace?

How high was your gas bill last winter?

We had a long cold winter, and if you have an inefficient furnace, your wallet probably felt it.  One of the biggest ways to save money with a new furnace is the efficiency savings over the life of the furnace.  I have a good real life example of this.  10 years ago, I replaced a friends furnace for her.  Her old furnace was 30 years old, over-sized, and dirty.  I replaced it with a standard 80% A.F.U.E. gas furnace that was right-sized.  I did not use a high efficiency model furnace (90%+) because her house is small (only about 750 sq feet).  I replaced the furnace the first week of December that season.  The following spring (about mid-April), my step-father called to inform me that their gas utility provider had lowered their monthly budget  by $40.00.  Since, they are on the budget program, that means they saved $480.00 a year and $4,800.00 over the last 10 years (not counting utility increases over that time which would make their savings even higher).  The furnace cost a lot less than $4,800.00 which means they not only have totally recouped their initial cost of installing the furnace, but they are saving big money now.

Think about it, and call Meyer Heating and Air and find out if a new system will save you money.