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What You Need to Know About Ductless HVAC Systems

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Ductless air conditioning

One of the most recent and important trends in air conditioner maintenance is the switch to ductless HVAC systems. We believe this is the future of the industry and we are leading the switch to this innovative new technology.

Ductless AC works by using individual blowers to circulate the warmer or cooler area into a specific area. This is different from a traditional ducted air conditioning system where a system of ducts moves air throughout the house. The ductless or mini-split system allows for air to move freely without clogging in the ducts of the traditional system. We love the ductless AC system and we know you will too if you try it in your home.

Benefits of ductless AC

One benefit of a new ductless system is that the house can be renovated over time without worrying about an extensive duct system. This can even lead to an increase in the resale value of the home. As your AC system needs to be regularly repaired and maintained, a ductless system will increase the ease of resale for your house.

Ductless air conditioning systems also allow the addition of rooms in your house without expensive and extensive duct installation. As many people want to maximize the flexibility in their life, ductless AC is a must. When installing an air conditioner in a new house, a ductless air conditioner is far cheaper than a duct system. New ducts do not need to be laid. These are just a few of the many benefits of a ductless system.

In addition to being cheaper to install, a ductless AC system is also cheaper over the long term. A new study found that a ductless air conditioning system is up to 40% more energy-efficient than a traditional air conditioning system. Duct air conditioning systems typically are not room independent. This means that you must change the temperature and air conditioning of the entire house to achieve a more comfortable setting in one room. We can solve this problem with ductless AC! The zoned systems of a ductless system allow for customized comfort. If more than just two people live in your house, this will greatly increase your standard of life.

In addition to being quieter than traditional AC systems, these ductless systems are also better for your health.

Air conditioning maintenance is incredibly important for allergies and asthma problems. Not only does proper air conditioning maintenance and repair help prevent these symptoms from worsening, but recent research also shows that a healthy HVAC system can decrease the onset of these conditions. Ductless air conditioning is one way to ensure that you put your health first, while also decreasing costs in the process.

Our dedicated team at Meyer Heating & Air can offer ductless air conditioner systems that improve your health, increase your home’s value, and save your wallet. We offer many different options that will fit every budget. By focusing on ductless AC systems, we increase the energy efficiency of your house.

Air Conditioning Repair St. Louis

We have the best air conditioner repair team in the St. Louis area. We focus on residential cooling repairs, residential cooling installation, and residential cooling maintenance. By building the best AC system for you, we can ensure your satisfaction. Searching for “A/C repair St. Louis MO” on Google can lead to many different options and we hope that you do your research. We want you to come back to us knowing that you made the right choice.

There are many different A/C repair companies in St. Louis Missouri; however, we offer the most innovative technologies for ductless air conditioning at a price that will work with every budget. Ductless HVAC is the future and we believe we can install this in your house guaranteeing your satisfaction.

HVAC St. Louis

Reliability is important. Temperatures can dip as low as into the mid 20°s in winter while increasing into the 90°s in the summer. These temperature swings can dramatically change the indoor temperature of your house. You need to make sure that your AC system can handle the load that the weather is putting on your house. At Meyer Heating & Air, we can ensure that your AC system is up to date with the newest technology.

While air conditioner maintenance may not be something that comes up every day, it is always better to be proactive than reactive. Sitting without AC on a hot summer day can be miserable. Similarly, freezing in the middle of winter without a heating system can be just as awful. We want to alleviate this pain. Contact us today for a consultation.

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