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What’s a Dual Fuel System – Do I Need One?

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Heat pumps are a great way to make your home comfortable, because they work as both air conditioners and heaters. With just a single adjustment on your thermostat, you can switch from cooling to heating your house. However, they don’t do well in frigid temperatures, because they can’t draw in enough heat from outside air and bring it indoors. That means a heat pump is no match for a typical St. Louis winter.

So, what is a dual fuel system, and how do you know if you have one? Meyer Heating & Air has answers to your questions about this hybrid comfort system, and the secret to incredible heating and air in St. Louis.

What Is a Dual Fuel System?

Dual fuel systems offer a remarkable combination of a heat pump (which is powered by electricity) with a back-up heater that runs from a different energy source, like natural gas or liquid propane. The heat pump does most of the heavy lifting. It acts as an air conditioner in warm weather and easily switches to a heater in cold weather.

Wait, What About Super Cold Weather?
When outdoor temperatures slide below freezing, heat pumps just can’t keep you cozy. That’s when you get to feel the full effect of a dual fuel system! As soon as your heat pump loses efficiency in the winter, your furnace will automatically activate, and start working with your heat pump. As soon as your heat pump regains efficiency, your furnace shuts off.

How Do I Know If I Have a Dual Fuel System for My Heating and Air in St. Louis?

The best way to tell if you have a dual fuel system is by contacting Meyer Heating & Air in St. Louis. However, there are ways to identify the HVAC system in your home:

Gas Heating
Gas heating units use a burner or heat exchanger to warm your home. When your heat kicks on, look for a small blue flame through a small window on your HVAC system.

Heat Pump with Electric Heat Backup
Most heat pumps are powered by electricity, and have components that move heat from the outside through a series of valves and pipes. If you see brass pipes when you look inside your outdoor unit, you might have a heat pump.

What If I Find Both?
If you have both a gas furnace and a heat pump, you may have a dual fuel HVAC system. Schedule HVAC maintenance with Meyer Heating & Air in St. Louis, and we’ll clear your dual fuel confusion.

Even if you don’t have a dual fuel system, our expert HVAC professionals have experience working on all makes and models, and even perform emergency HVAC repair. Call us today for complete HVAC services!

Do I Need a Dual Fuel System for My Heating and Air in St. Louis?

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing your HVAC system, and the only way to get ideal comfort is by getting your comfort system installed by a professional. One of the biggest factors with installing a dual fuel system is whether your home has access to a natural gas line. Normally, it’s best to rely on a natural gas furnace and air conditioner to control the climate of your home.

However, if you live in an area where you can’t easily access a gas line, or you’re interested in having a more eco-friendly home, a dual fuel system might be ideal for you. In fact, these systems are perfect for tiny homes!

What’s the Best Dual Fuel System Available?

At Meyer Heating & Air in St. Louis, we have a lot of favorites, but Ruud HVAC solutions offer some of the best heating and cooling options on the market. They offer everything from heat pumps to thermostats, so you can completely customize the air in your living environment. When you purchase products from Ruud, you’ll get an HVAC system you can rely on.

However, finding great HVAC components is just a starting point. In order for your heating and air in St. Louis to work optimally, you need to seek the services of a trusted HVAC professional at Meyer Heating & Air.

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