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When Should You Schedule Your Annual Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

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Mark Your Calendar for Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s nearly time to turn the heat off and enjoy the brief period of springtime when you can open your windows to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Before you know it, those days will pass, and you’ll want to start running your central air conditioner to keep cool and comfortable.

Many people in the St. Louis area tend to turn on their air conditioners in June or July, but if you’re ahead of that schedule, that’s totally fine, too. No matter what time you flip the switch to the air conditioner, there are a few tasks you need to complete to make sure your cooling system is running as best as it can.

Preventing Air Conditioner Repairs

We would be so happy if everyone’s air conditioner ran perfectly forever. That would mean our valued clients get to enjoy their homes at comfortable temperatures without worry. Unfortunately, there will always be a need for an AC repair service, because even the most doted-on air conditioners break down sometimes.

Air conditioner repairs become necessary for three main reasons:

  1. An air conditioning unit is old and near the end of its service life. As your unit ages, it’s possible that it will need repairs to keep it running. These repairs could be costly, depending on the age and type of the unit, especially if it still uses R-22 Freon, a refrigerant that will no longer be manufactured starting this year.
  2. Things happen. Even our most reliable cars break down occasionally, and it’s the same with air conditioners. Newer air conditioner units that are impeccably maintained will need help at some point. This is a fact of life. However, well-maintained units are most likely to need fewer repairs over the course of their lifespans.
  3. The air conditioning unit, although still well within its expected lifespan, has not received regular maintenance. The lack of air conditioner maintenance means the neglected equipment is not running well and needs AC repairs to remain in use.

The best way to help prevent expensive or frequent air conditioner repairs is to properly maintain your equipment. Maintenance tasks are not terribly difficult. However, there are some tasks you can do yourself, and others that you should leave to an AC repair service.

Air Conditioner Maintenance You Can Do

At Meyer Heating & Air, we recommend homeowners perform basic maintenance on their home HVAC systems. Here are a few things you can do to keep your air conditioner and heating units running their best.

  • Change out the filters on their heating, ventilation, and cooling systems four times a year to make sure their home’s airflow is top-notch. Dirty, dusty, or damaged filters make your systems work harder to run at capacity—like if you had to run a foot race while you had a severe cold. If you can’t breathe, you’re going to exhaust your body trying to maintain a quick pace, and eventually, you’ll want to give up. Your heating and cooling units need that clean air filter—or a healthy respiratory system—to do their best work.
  • Keep your vents clear and clean. Never block them with bulky furniture. Clean dust from them using a dusting wand or pipe cleaner. Dust accumulation is totally normal, and regular cleaning can help you spot changes in your system.
  • Visually inspect the belts inside your unit, if you have a furnace with an electric blower. Once a year, you can turn off the power to the unit at your breaker box, remove the front cover of your furnace, and check that the belt is tight and solid—not cracking or sagging.
  • Give the units enough space around them to keep airflow going. Packing your systems behind boxes in your basement isn’t ideal. The same goes for your air conditioner condenser unit outside. If it’s surrounded by shrubbery, firewood, or any other lawn debris, you’ll want to relocate those items right away. As an added bonus, if you need to call us in to make an air conditioner repair, you won’t need to take the time to clear a pathway so we can get to your unit.
  • Watch, listen, and smell. Watch for changes in the physical condition of your equipment. Is it developing rust spots? Leaking? Listen to the sounds your equipment makes. Is there a change in the volume of noise it produces? Are there strange sounds coming from your unit? Smell the air of your home when your air conditioning unit is running. It shouldn’t have any unusual or unexpected odors present, especially coming from your air conditioner.

Being vigilant is a great way to make sure you know when conditions are changing and you need to consider calling Meyer Heating & Air for air conditioner repair.

The Time for Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance is Now

Before it’s time for you to even consider turning on your air conditioner is the perfect time to get an annual tune-up for your unit. During a tune-up, technicians check over the entire system and make sure every part is ready to function when the weather heats up.

Annual check-ups, usually scheduled in spring, can also extend your air conditioner’s life by several years and give you significant savings on your monthly energy bills. This annual visit can help spot minor problems before they become big, expensive ones.

A well-maintained air conditioner can last for 15 years or more, but ignoring your unit can cut that time in half and result in less efficient operation. Not only will you be spending a lot of money to replace your unit much sooner than expected, but you’ll also be getting hit with higher utility bills all summer long. Putting off annual maintenance to save on the cost of our technician’s visit will probably cost you a lot more in the long run.

Call Meyer Heating & Air for Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

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