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Your Indoor Air Quality Experts: How to Manage Your Home’s Humidity

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Find Out How You Can Benefit from Exceptional Residential Indoor Air Quality

Meyer Heating & Air isn’t your average HVAC company. Yes, we offer exceptional services to keep your home cozy in the winter and cool in the summer, but we’re also dedicated to something more: indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality management represents an innovative step forward in the HVAC industry, and Meyer is leading the charge. To help your family breathe better, healthier air, we offer superior humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air filtration solutions, as well as state-of-the-art air purification systems from Sanuvox.

Any home can improve the indoor air quality in your home with one of our proven systems. However, there are two of these products on our minds today: our humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The humidity in your home should be about 30 to 50 percent, but summer and winter tend to raise and lower those numbers respectively, bringing very uncomfortable conditions with them. Fortunately, however, managing humidity in your home with one of Meyer’s state-of-the-art whole-home dehumidifiers or humidifiers has never been easier.

How Meyer Heating & Air Products Manage Humidity for Excellent Indoor Air Quality

Right now, many of our customers are concerned about the humidity in their home. We all know how humid a St. Louis summer can be, and how this humidity seems to creep into your home no matter what you do. There’s nothing worse than coming home and noticing condensation around your air conditioning vents and a stale mugginess in the rooms. Worse, you may even notice more mildew, mold, or water stains in certain areas where there isn’t proper ventilation.

Fortunately, you can take care of humidity in your home quickly with dehumidifier installation from Meyer Heating & Air. With our signature dehumidifiers, you’ll be able to get rid of condensation, mold, mildew, and that musty wet smell in your basement. Dehumidifiers pull all the condensation out of the air, so you can keep your home cool and comfortable, and achieve excellent residential indoor air quality all summer long.

The benefits of a dehumidifier include:

  • Lowering humidity to the 30-to-50 percent range
  • Never having to deal with a standalone system you have to manage daily
  • Removal of conditions that lead to mold and mildew growth
  • Removal of stale, muggy air
  • Removal of condensation in the home
  • Cooler, fresher air

Meyer Heating & Air’s whole-home dehumidifiers are integrated into your HVAC system to draw condensation out of the air and filter it through your drain line. You won’t have to worry about shopping online for too-expensive standalone dehumidifiers that require constant emptying and far-too-regular filter maintenance. Leave it to Meyer – designers of air purification systems and more – to make your house fresher and cooler in the summer with our residential indoor air quality solutions.

Another Indoor Air Quality Solution from Meyer Heating & Air: Humidifiers for Winter

In addition to dehumidifiers, we also offer the most innovative whole-home humidifiers on the market today, so you end up getting all the top benefits of each of these residential indoor air quality systems.

When it comes to humidity control, it’s not just a summer issue. Nearly the opposite of summertime, winter dries out the air, and you need the humidity that the summer supplies in massive quantities. In winter, there’s far less condensation in the air and a lot more static electricity. You may notice that your skin feels dry; your nose, eyes, and throat feel irritated; and heating your home feels less than comfortable, when all you want is coziness.

However, Meyer’s line of humidifiers puts fresh condensation back into the air, so that your home is conditioned with just the right amount of moisture all winter long – and you can avoid all the discomfort you typically experience.

The benefits of a humidifier include:

  • Raises humidity approximately 20 percent, so you can meet optimal humidity conditions
  • Never having to worry about a clunky, expensive standalone system
  • Less nasal, sinus, or chest congestion
  • Less cracked lips and dry skin
  • Less dry throat and nasal passage symptoms
  • A soothing feeling in your HVAC system’s warm air

Much like our dehumidifiers, our whole-home humidifiers use your condensation line (typically used for air conditioning) to freshen and humidify your air right through your air ducts. You won’t have to worry about lugging an appliance into the basement or having to read a lengthy instruction manual. We take care of it all, so you can start experiencing the benefits of comfortable winter air right away. Need another residential indoor air quality solution? We also offer air purification systems to protect your home from viruses, allergens, and the symptoms of asthma and other breathing issues.

Partner with Meyer, Your Indoor Air Quality Experts in St. Louis

Whether you want relief from humidity in the summer, dryness in the winter, or year-round protection from airborne nuisances and contaminants including viruses, pet dander, and pollen, Meyer Heating & Air has a residential indoor air quality solution that will benefit you and your family.

You can now even take advantage of our superior thermostat products, which help you monitor humidity levels in your home. When you notice humidity falling outside of the 30-to-50 percent range, you can simply use your Meyer Heating & Air thermostat to adjust your whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier.

We’re committed to your health, your happiness, and your comfort, and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure our HVAC products can help. Reach out to Meyer Heating & Air to get a quote on our air filtration and air purification systems, as well as dehumidifiers and humidifiers.

Call us at (314) 845-1929, or schedule an appointment with us today. We look forward to showing you that the future of indoor air quality is within your reach. We think you’ll be amazed by the many benefits of great indoor air quality, especially when your services are performed by the heating and cooling experts in St. Louis.