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Company Spotlight: Ameren

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Why St. Louis Heating and Air Professionals Love This Utility Company and How It Could Save You Money

If there’s one thing we all need to keep our lives going, it’s energy to power our businesses and homes. Where would we be without cool homes in the summer, warm homes in the winter, and our internet on when we need it? That’s why Meyer Heating and Air thinks utility companies like Ameren deserve an enormous hand for all they do for the St. Louis community.

Read all the ways this power company contributes to our cities and what they’re doing to change the way you keep the lights on.

What Is Ameren, and How Do They Power St. Louis Heating and Air?

Ameren is the largest electric supplier and second-largest distributor of gas in Missouri, and generates energy for more than 2.4 million customers. It also has some of the lowest electric rates in the state. Ameren generates a net capacity of almost 10,200 megawatts of electricity and owns more than 7,500 circuit miles and about 3,300 miles of natural gas transmission lines.

Their facilities aren’t just limited to gas and electricity, either. They have hydroelectric facilities, wind farms, and renewable energy centers. Ameren continues to be a leader in the future of energy and is dedicated to providing Missouri residents with affordable power to keep your home running at full capacity.

They Want to Help Your Business Grow and Know When to Start Over

Ameren is here to help you choose the best sites and locations for your business. Site Selection Magazine has even named them a Top Utility in Economic Development. Whether you’re just starting out, moving, or expanding, they can give you details about a potential location and its available utilities by using things like drones and visualization software. You can see featured sites on their website through a searchable database.

Ameren knows finding the right location for your business is imperative to its success. They take the time to listen to your goals and understand your challenges. It’s really easy to get started too. Just contact Ameren, and they will take it from there.

They are also taking care of residents with projects like the Metro South Reliability Project. Ameren is rebuilding almost 10 miles of transmission lines in St. Louis County, in order to upgrade the grid and create cleaner, more efficient energy. This will also give residents more reliable energy, which will hopefully make electric rates even more affordable, so when it’s time for HVAC repair, you have more money in the bank.

Ameren Cares About It’s St. Louis Heating and Air Customers, Big and Small

At Ameren, they know sustainable energy is the way forward. That’s why they are committing to building a smarter, more efficient future. They specifically focus on concerns like climate change, environmental justice, and waste management.

Here are just a few ways this incredible energy company is making a difference in clean energy.

BizSavers® Program: This program helps businesses find energy efficient solutions for new projects. Businesses get tips on HVAC building controls, lighting, and other incentives to reduce energy costs. You can even get help retro-commissioning older buildings.

Signing up is easy. Just fill out a form on their website, and see all the ways your business can save money and reduce its carbon footprint.

Energy Efficiency Programs for Residents: Ameren knows utilities can be one of the most expensive bills for running your home. You can get rebates and cash back on energy-efficient appliances like water heaters, air conditioners, and heat pumps.

Customers have access to an online store, too. Find products like LED bulbs and smart thermostats. Talk to an electrician or HVAC maintenance technician about what kind of energy efficient products are right for your home.

Solar Programs: Have you always wanted solar panels but didn’t know where to start or how it would affect your HVAC system and other utilities? Then get in touch with Ameren! They have a variety of solar programs to help suit your home, neighborhood, community, or business.

You can explore more about their solar panel programs by visiting their website or by talking to your St. Louis heating and air expert.

The Work Environment Is Centered on Diversity, and It Shows

With more than 9,000 people employed, Ameren is dedicated to diversity and inclusivity. In fact, DiversityInc named Ameren one of the top utility companies to work for in 2021, and has ranked one of the nation’s top utilities companies to work for 13 years in a row. This company was recognized for their efforts in philanthropy, sponsorships, and volunteerism.

They offer a public video series created to help people tackle tough conversations the right way at work. They also provide their employees with a facilitator guide, participant booklet, and presentation deck for each series. Find resources for women in the workplace, the LGBTQ community, and on how to stop racism at work.

Best of all, you don’t even need to work for Ameren. Just visit their website and watch current and archived videos for free.

Let Ameren Keep the Lights On, and Our St. Louis Heating and Air Near You Keep You Warm This Winter

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