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Do I Need to Replace My Heating System This Winter

Furnace Exhaust pipe blowing steam through a pipe outside on cold winter day

5 Ways St. Louisans Know They Need Heating Repair or a New Installation

The season’s coldest temperatures haven’t hit yet, but St. Louis residents like you have already started to prepare for what promises to be a chilly winter. One major step in preparation is evaluating and winterizing your home heating system.

It’s a process that can tell you a lot about the lifespan and needs of your system, and these steps sometimes reveal that it may be time for heating equipment installation. Keep reading to discover the five ways to know it’s time for an upgrade.

Your Heating System Is Old – Like, Really Old

The average household furnace has a useful lifespan of 15 to 30 years, but much older than 15 is fairly uncommon. With scheduled home heating system maintenance, you can extend the life of your equipment, but that’s not totally foolproof. Parts wear out, system components become obsolete, and eventually, repairs cost more than buying a new heater. That’s when it’s time to replace it.

It’s easy to track the age of your system, so you can plan ahead for replacement and avoid surprise costs. If you fear that this winter is your HVAC’s last one, request a free estimate from Meyer Heating & Air for new equipment installation and purchase.

Winterizing Reveals the Need for Serious Repairs

If, during your fall maintenance, our HVAC technician discovered that your system needs significant repair, it’s likely time to simply replace your heater. At a certain point, replacement is less expensive than performing heating repairs, with some of the most expensive including replacing circuit boards, blower motors, or capacitors.

Our technicians will always walk you through the repairs your heating system needs before making them and explain whether new equipment could ultimately save you money. The choice is yours, so have an idea in mind of how much you’re willing to spend on fixes versus investing in a quality system.

You’ve Made Too Many Repairs Already

But what if you’ve called for HVAC help a few times already and have paid for multiple heating repairs? Instead of agreeing to pay for just one more, it might be wiser to simply get new equipment installed in your St. Louis home.

There are great benefits to doing so, beyond guaranteeing your comfort on cold winter days. HVAC replacements build home equity, yielding a return on investment of up to 71% when it’s time to sell your house. Considering appraisers and inspectors will always note the age of your home’s HVAC system, it’s very easy to put potential buyers’ concerns to rest right away.

Your Energy Bills Are Outrageous

You may have heard the news that the Missouri Public Service Commission has moved forward with a new mandate for electric companies to use “time of use rates,” which adjusts the price you pay for electricity based on the time of day. This means your 2024 energy bills are likely to increase if you have an electric home heating system.

And if your energy bills – electricity or gas – are already too much for your liking, a new efficient system could be the answer. Although new systems have up-front costs, most homeowners find that their energy bills reduce significantly after installation.

For a more efficient heat pump than your outdated one, opt for one with a SEER rating of 16 or higher. SEER 20 is a better choice for bigger savings. For a furnace, seek a system with a higher AFUE, such as 90.

You’re a Service Agreement Member, So You’ll Save on Labor

This winter, it might make sense to replace your home heating system if you’re a Meyer Heating & Air service agreement member.

Not only do our service agreement members save money on system maintenance every year, but they also get a discount on labor for repairs and equipment installation. Why not take advantage of this savings this winter?

Curious about how a service agreement could help you year-round? We’re happy to explain the benefits of signing up, so you can reap the rewards of signing up. Give us a call for more information.

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