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Do You Really Need Duct Cleaning This Summer?

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Let’s See If You Need To Call Your St. Louis Heating And Air Company

If people in your household deal with asthma or allergies, you might have thought about getting your heating and cooling ducts cleaned by an air conditioning service provider. It makes sense to think that air flow will be cleaner with clean ducts, but that’s actually not always the case. Some air conditioning maintenance companies may try to make it seem necessary for health concerns or any other reason, but there is no substantial evidence that duct cleaning has measurable benefits. In fact, there’s even been growing evidence that duct cleaning can move and stir so much dirt that it causes more issues than it solves.

While cleaning ductwork and moving dust would seem to make sense, after all, you do clean up dust in other parts of your home, the difference between the dust in your house and your ducts is that the dust in your ducts stays put and is unlikely to become airborne unless you mess with it. In simpler terms, that dust is out of sight and out of mind, there’s really no need to mess with it since it is harmless and invisible to you.

Don’t let these air conditioning service providers make you think that research suggests you need a duct cleaning. Most government studies stop short of endorsing or condemning the process,which isn’t a glowing recommendation by any means.

This isn’t to say that duct cleaning is completely unnecessary, but it should only be considered in certain situations like having significant mold growth, rodent or insect infestation, or having a large influx of dust or debris from a renovation project.

While duct cleaning may not provide the health and efficiency benefits that it is advertised to at times, there is something you can do yourself to keep your air cleaner and maximize the energy efficiency of your residential air conditioning and heating system before calling your St. Louis heating and air company…

Keep A Fresh Air Filter

Changing your air filter regularly is the best and easiest way to minimize allergens, dust, and other debris in your house. Though often overlooked, the air filter is a central piece of the composition that is your HVAC system. They are the first line of defense against any particles that can cause discomfort or damage to the air supply in your home. All of the air in your residential air conditioning system passes through the air filter. The more particles that the filter catches, the more clogged it becomes, blocking air from passing through freely.

Additionally, not changing your air filter can have costly consequences as the top cause of air conditioning maintenance and repair needs is a clogged or dirty air filter.

Want A Next Level Air Quality Experience?

You’re running your air conditioning a lot in St. Louis this summer, so you may want to enjoy the highest quality air you can.

Let our St. Louis heating and air professionals install an indoor air quality system for you to enjoy. Advanced air filtration and purification systems work with other high-quality humidifiers and dehumidifiers to create the perfectly balanced and clean air you can possibly have in your home.

If you never want to worry about low quality air in your home again, call your St. Louis heating and air experts, Meyer Heating and Air for a new indoor air quality system.

Contact Our Team For All Of Your St. Louis Heating And Air Needs

Heat and humidity are at their summer peaks in St. Louis and are putting heavy strain on residential air conditioning units. It’s more important than ever to pay attention to your HVAC systems, so you’re not caught without the cool air you need. Your HVAC unit requires air conditioning maintenance just like any other large piece of equipment. Reach out to our team at Meyer Heating & Air to get the air conditioning maintenance your system needs. Let us make sure your system is running efficiently and correctly, so you don’t have to worry about costly and annoying breakdowns later.

In the event you need a new HVAC system or residential air conditioning unit, you can call up our St. Louis heating and air team to assess the size and condition of the property to determine what units work best for you and get it installed. No funny business or confusion, we’ll give you an itemized quote of all costs involved and be ready when you are to take the next steps toward getting you a new unit that will keep your home cool for years.

We know you can’t always plan for when you’ll need air conditioning service, so we’re available at a moment’s notice! Call us anytime at (314) 845-1929 or reach out online.

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