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3 AC Summer Maintenance Tasks You Can’t Skip

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St. Louis Heating And Air Tips For The Summer Heat

Summer in St. Louis is brutal. With the hottest months of the year in full effect, you always need to make sure your residential air conditioning system is in the best condition to beat the summer heat. When your system is straining, it will be less efficient and more likely to malfunction or break down.

There are things you can do yourself to keep your residential air conditioning system running at its best and to lower your summer air conditioning bill. Performing routine maintenance and taking minor steps to upkeep your system can add years of life to your system.

Avoid a high air conditioning maintenance bill with these tips from your St. Louis heating and air experts.

1. Check & Replace Filters As Needed

Checking and replacing your filters every 3 months is one of the easiest steps you can take toward maintaining your residential air conditioning system. It also pays off handsomely. Keeping a dirty filter on your system has many consequences:

  • Allows dust, dirt, mold, and other particles into the air in your home. This is especially unhealthy for families that already struggle with allergies and breathing complications.
  • Makes your residential air conditioning work harder. A dirty filter is more clogged and allows less air through, making it harder for the system to cool your house. This can have major effects on your bill.
  • Could cause overheating and burnout. An overtaxed system could be worked too hard and burn out, meaning an unplanned air conditioning service bill.

Changing the filter on your residential air conditioning is a no-brainer. It’s too easy and takes no time at all. Avoid unplanned calls to your St. Louis heating and air company with this simple task.

2. Keep Units And Parts Free Of Debris

Many homeowners overlook this step, but it can be another relatively simple way to keep your air conditioning bill down and keep your system running. On your outside unit, clear any leaves, sticks, grass, and other debris that has collected on or around it. You need this area properly vented and clear for your system to function at its best. Improper air flow can cause efficiency issues and malfunctions.

Additionally, keep all vents, registers, and any other components clean and free of dust or dirt that has accumulated. You don’t want air being blocked from leaving or returning to your residential air conditioning system. This causes inefficiency leading to higher bills.

3. Call Your St. Louis Heating And Air Company

Sometimes you just have to let the experts have a crack at it. If you’re keeping up with your tasks around the house and still don’t think you’re seeing high efficiency from your system, it’s probably time to schedule a professional air conditioning maintenance visit.
A seasonal check-up from your St. Louis heating and air company may be just what the doctor ordered for your system. Some of the things they will do include:

  • Check and Regulate Refrigerant Level
  • Inspect Base Pan
  • Clean Drain Openings
  • Check and Clean System Coil
  • Check Fan Motor and Blades
  • Check Control Box Wiring
  • Inspect Compressor and Tubing
  • Inspect Blower Motor, Wheel, and Belts
  • Clean Evaporator Coil
  • Clean Drain
  • Inspect Ductwork For Leaks
  • Check System Pressures and Voltage

Even though you may not know all of these terms or how to find these things, your air conditioning maintenance representative should. If they don’t, then you didn’t call Meyer Heating & Air. Use this as a checklist to make sure your air conditioning service is as comprehensive and effective as possible.

St. Louis Heating And Air Repair, When You Need It

Maintenance and upkeep doesn’t always solve your issues. You’ll need to know where to go when that inconvenient breakdown happens. Meyer Heating & Air is your top option for all of your heating and air needs in St. Louis. The St. Louis heat is taxing on your system, so we don’t want you stuck without the air you need.

It’s impossible to plan for your residential air conditioning system to malfunction or break down. We’re here ready for you before you even know you need us, anytime. Available at a moment’s notice because we know how critical the air conditioning is during the summer months in St. Louis. Call us day or night at (314) 845-1929 or contact us online. Ask about the other services we offer to improve the air quality and overall comfortability of your home as well.

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