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Destroy Summer Allergens with a Whole-Home Air Purifier

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How You Can Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

During the peak summer months in St. Louis, many people spend more time indoors in the air conditioning trying to stay cool. This puts an emphasis on the cleanliness and purity of the air inside of your home. Fresh off the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are much more concerned with air quality to keep themselves safe and free from infection. There are basic steps that can be taken to keep the air in your home clean, but the experts always recommend the best. We’ll take a look at some of the things you should be doing and then let you know what you should let us do to have the purest, cleanest air you’ve ever had inside of your home.

Clean Air Basics

There are plenty of steps you can take yourself inside of your home to work toward having clean air before you call the professionals. We’ll highlight some of these below:

  • Keep Your House Clean – This is one of the most basic steps to keeping the best and cleanest air in your home. Removing dust, dirt, and debris from surfaces in your home make a big difference in air quality. Dust regularly, vacuum 1-2 times per week, and clean all other surfaces that can accumulate dirt and dust.
  • Minimize Plants Inside Your Home – Some plants do produce oxygen and help air quality, but they also create and grow mold that reduces the air quality in your home.
  • Replace Your Air Filter – Having a good air filter makes sure your system is catching dust and debris that would get into your home. The filter should be changed every 3 months and is one of the best ways to preserve the life you have left from your residential air conditioning system.
  • Control Your Home’s Humidity – Dust mites, mold, and allergens grow in humid environments. All of these drastically decrease air quality and produce harmful pollutants in your air. Consider opening windows sometimes and circulate fresh air through your home.
  • Keep Air Ducts Clean – Dust and debris can block air from moving your system efficiently.
  • Use Vent Fans When Cooking – Reduce what gets into your air from cooking by venting your cooking area.

How Can Your St. Louis Heating And Air Company Help?

A whole house air purifier can be the icing on the cake for the quality of air in your home. Meyer Heating & Air are your experts on your interior air quality and solutions to improve it.

We are a Sanuvox authorized installer, so we are experts at installing air purifiers that will keep your air pure and clean in your house for years. Sanuvox has one of the best whole-home air purifiers in the world that is backed by results. Through testing, Sanuvox has been found to have positive effects on controlling airborne viruses like the cold and flu in your home. Your air filter can’t catch every virus before it circulates through your home, but Sanuvox would serve as another line of defense protecting the health of your family.

Sanuvox uses UV light to kill the unwelcome viruses and airborne pathogens that would otherwise be entering your home’s air, guaranteeing that your family is breathing the purest air possible. This is especially important to families with compromised immune systems or those who deal with seasonal allergies and asthma.

With a Sanuvox whole-home purifier, you can rest assured nothing harmful is getting into the air of your home. The Sanuvox catches even the smallest particles.

We’ve Got You Covered For All Of Your St. Louis Heating And Air Needs

Residential air conditioning and HVAC systems are being put to the test right now in St. Louis, making it imperative to know the condition of your system. Contact Meyer Heating & Air for air conditioning maintenance that your system requires. We’ll make sure your system is running well and help you avoid surprise air conditioning service bills.

Residential air conditioning is unpredictable and we know that issues are always unplanned. We understand your struggle and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a moment’s notice for your air conditioning service needs.

Call us at (314) 845-1929 or reach out online to get in touch.

Need a new HVAC system or residential air conditioning unit installed? Our St. Louis heating and air team is equipped to help you determine what unit you need and install it properly. Reach out today and get an itemized estimate of all costs involved. We’re ready when you are to get your house cooled off!

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