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Sanuvox Systems for Cold and Flu Season

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Whole Home Air Purifier Installation in St. Louis

Cold viruses and flu viruses are different from each other, but both can spread through the air and through close contact – much like the novel coronavirus that reached pandemic levels earlier this year in St. Louis and around the world. Because these respiratory viruses are spread this way, they can land in the mouths or noses of people nearby – including those farther away than six feet – or get inhaled directly into the lungs.

It can be difficult to combat the spread of these viruses in your own home; most residential heating and cooling systems don’t filter all household air thoroughly or rapidly enough to pull viral particles through a standard filter. Indoor pollutants inside your home can be up to 100 times more than those outdoors. Traditional central air conditioners and central heating continuously circulate those pollutants from room to room.

Room-sized HEPA filters, or even HEPA filters built into your O’Fallon HVAC system, don’t remove all the tiny viral particles from the air, either. To stay healthy, we recommend our customers purchase and have Meyer Heating and Air install a Sanuvox system, a whole-home air purifier that uses UV light to clean the air you breathe.

Whole-Home Air Purifiers in the Simplest Terms

Sanuvox systems kill 99.99999 percent of germs and other harmful particles in the air. Because it was shown to be highly effective at killing the 2003 SARS virus, experts have extrapolated that it is likely effective against other airborne viruses, too. These air sanitizer systems can be installed using your existing HVAC ductwork, or as a standalone system.

The system works by using two components: a UV lamp and a reflector chamber. The UV and UVC lamps destroy chemicals, particles, and odors in the air. The reflector chamber then directs the UV energy for the best possible air purification, before the system recirculates clean air throughout your home.

Does the Sanuvox Air Purifier System Work on COVID-19?

Scientists who have been studying COVID-19 have determined that its genetic make-up is 98.4 percent similar to previously identified SARS viruses, with which the medical and scientific fields are intimately familiar. These scientists and researchers know that the Sanuvox system is nearly 100 percent effective at killing this past SARS virus.

Susceptibility to germicidal UV light is determined by a virus’s genome sequence. Well-known SARS viruses are highly susceptible to these light rays. Therefore, scientists were able to conclude that the necessary germicidal UV light to kill COVID-19 is inherently the same as the previous SARS virus, with less than 1.6 percent variation. This is a truly negligible amount, which means adding a UV light air purification system to your home is a smart preventative step you can take to avoid catching or spreading COVID-19 throughout your home.

Other cold and flu viruses also are highly susceptible to UV light, which means that when you install the Sanuvox system, you could save lots of money on doctors’ visits, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and missed days of work because the clean air in your home keeps you and your family healthy!

How Does The Sanuvox Air Purifier Work?

To start the process, contaminated air from inside your Ballwin home is pulled into the Sanuvox system, next to the UV lamp, which is responsible for destroying chemicals and odors in the air, such as off-gassing from construction materials or pet smells. The UVC germicidal aspect of the lamp destroys biological contaminants next, like viruses and bacteria. Although these particles are tiny and often microscopic, they cannot escape the power of the UV lamp.

The air exits the UV lamp area and enters the second part of the system, the reflector chamber, which directs UV energy for optimal purification, removing any contaminants the first chamber might have missed. After this final step, the air is now sanitized and ready for recirculation throughout your home, business, or office.

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