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How to Heat Your Finished Basement

heating a finished basement

You’ll Need New Furnace Installation from Meyer Heating & Air in St. Louis

On average, finishing the basement of your home gets you a whopping 75 percent return on investment. It’s no wonder that homeowners are taking advantage of the opportunity to increase the usable square footage of their homes! The biggest downside to finishing your basement, however, is needing to extend the heating system from the rest of your house into this additional space.

When your HVAC system was installed in your home, the technician took into account the square footage of your home served by your ductwork or pipes. The ductwork and pipes probably did not extend into the formerly unfinished space that was your basement. Why? Heating it was likely unnecessary, and it wasn’t set up for it anyway.

However, when you plan to finish your basement, you will need to install a new heater that can support your entire home. When you’re still in the planning phase of your basement project, call Meyer Heating & Air in St. Louis to learn how we can upgrade your home heating system, or add an independent heating system to your basement so your entire house can be kept at a comfortable temperature all winter long.

Adding Ductwork or Pipes for a New Furnace Installation

Your first option for heating your basement is to add additional ductwork (if you have a forced-air system) with vents and air returns in your basement, or pipes for your boiler, just like they’re present in the rest of your house. Now that your heater is responsible for managing the temperature in additional rooms, you may also need to upgrade your equipment with a larger air handler and furnace unit or bigger boiler.

When it comes time for installing a new heater, it’s the perfect opportunity to buy a more efficient system, perhaps one with multiple zones. A heating system with multiple zones allows you to set different temperatures for different areas of your home. For example, if the basement is rarely used, you might heat it minimally, leaving the thermostat set around 60 degrees, while keeping the main area of your home warmer. Multiple zones are also valuable if you’re planning on turning your basement into an in-law suite for a family member to live in. Your family member can enjoy their space at a temperature they prefer without making the rest of the household uncomfortably hot or cold.

Installing a Mini-Split Heating System

If a portion of your newly-finished basement is above ground level, you can consider having Meyer Heating & Air install a ductless mini-split unit. A mini-split is a heating system that lets you control the temperature in an individual room, without installing ductwork or an all-new heating system in the rest of your home.

Installing a mini-split can be less expensive than upgrading your furnace and adding ductwork. With a mini-split, there is both an indoor component that mounts high on the wall, plus an outdoor component that attaches on the opposite side of the exterior wall of your home. Mini-splits can also cool your basement in the summer.

Add Electric Baseboard Heaters

Hardwiring electric baseboard heaters is a permanent solution to adding heat to your basement. These are also an economical option for warming your space, and lets you control the temperature room by room. Each baseboard heater has its own control dial.

The biggest downsides to baseboard heaters is that you shouldn’t put furniture against them or hang curtains near them; they can take longer to heat up; and electric heat tends to be more expensive. However, if you’re needing a solution that saves money upfront, these heaters are a good option that can be installed quickly and easily in any room.

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Right now is also the perfect time to perform maintenance on your home heating system, and we can take care of that while we’re there. Make an appointment for non-urgent repairs and maintenance using our handy online form. We’re looking forward to helping you stay warm and cozy this winter!