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Heating System Installation in the St. Louis Metro Area

New Residential Heating Equipment Warms Your O’Fallon or Chesterfield Home

Meyer Heating technicians specialize in installing and maintaining home heating systems. We provide all types of heating installation services for equipment including:

  • Heat pump installation
  • Furnace installation (gas furnace, electric furnace, or oil furnace)
  • Boiler installation
  • And more.

Our technicians take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe, efficient heating installation and complete it in a timeframe that works around your schedule. Don’t let the incoming winter and chilly temperatures sneak up on you and your family. Buy a new Ruud heating system and get it installed quickly and professionally when you call Meyer Heating and Air.

Important Things to Know about Residential Heaters

The average life of a whole-house heating system is up to 14 years. Some do last longer with careful and meticulous maintenance, up to around 20 years. However, even those systems, though seemingly indestructible, will fail and require a full replacement.

When it’s time to replace your system, Meyer Heating and Air will visit your home for a free evaluation, so you can get the most accurate estimate and efficient installation customized for your home’s square footage and heating needs. We’ll then provide a detailed breakdown of the cost of the equipment, labor, and parts to complete the installation in your St. Louis area home.

Don’t wait until your heating system is dead or limping along. You’ll pay for it later if you have to spend any amount of time feeling cold in your home during the mid-winter. Instead, be proactive and let us know in advance if you’re considering upgrading your heating system. Get no gaps in heating in your home, and sleep and go about your day in complete comfort.

We Are St. Louis’ Ruud Authorized Dealer

Ruud HVAC systems are known for their quality and innovation. We stand behind Ruud’s equipment because we believe in the product.

Ruud HVAC components are manufactured with sustainability in mind to help you, the consumer, lower your energy costs. Ruud also warranties your new system’s parts for 10 full years, plus a lifetime warranty on heat exchangers and conditional unit replacement. At Meyer Heating and Air, we also warranty our installation work for the lifetime of the equipment.

We Make Sure Your New Heating System is Perfect

At Meyer Heating and Air, we take care of all your heating installation needs by sending out the best technicians in trucks loaded with everything necessary to do the job quickly and on-the-spot.

We keep hundreds of parts and systems in stock, so we never have to wait on shipping, and we guarantee our work 100 percent. Call us today to install or improve your current heating system.

Get Emergency Heater Repairs in St. Louis

If your heating system won’t turn on, or if your home smells like you have a gas leak, call Meyer Heating and Air, your complete residential heating service. We’ll take care of all of your concerns and help you solve your heating problems with ease by performing repairs or regular maintenance on your system, or upgrading your residential heater to a newer, more energy-efficient one. We’re available 24/7 for all your heating system matters.

Call us at 314-845-1929, or request service online.