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St. Louis Heating System Maintenance

Taking Care of Your Residential Heater in Arnold, St. Charles, Ballwin, and More

If you have a home heating system in the St. Louis area and surrounding communities, Meyer Heating and Air can help you take care of it, including by performing annual preventative maintenance to save you time and money by preventing major heating system failures and extending the life of your heater.

We’re Here to Help St. Louis Families Keep Warm This Winter

Don’t let winter sneak up on you. Instead, you can relax in your comfortable, warm home knowing that Meyer Heating and Air has you covered. We service and repair furnaces, electric air handlers, heat pumps, and more.

To help keep their furnaces running properly, St. Louis families call us to perform annual maintenance on their residential heating equipment. Some choose to purchase our Service Agreement, which helps them save money and increase the life expectancy of their heaters. There are lots of other important benefits of joining our Service Agreement program. Learn more.

Home Heater Maintenance

The best time to maintain your system is before you turn your heater on for the season. Don’t wait to call Meyer Heating and Air at 314-845-1929. You want to make sure everything is working properly before you start feeling chilly in your home.

Our technicians will visit your home and thoroughly inspect your heating system to check for issues with operation and perform maintenance tasks, like cleaning the unit, replacing the filter, and checking it over for any potential future problems.

During our maintenance visit, we will:

  • Clean and adjust controls in your heater
  • Clean burners
  • Adjust combustion
  • Lubricate parts as needed to prevent friction, which wears out your equipment quickly
  • Test for combustion leaks
  • Test safety shutoff response
  • Test blower
  • Check flue for proper venting

We think of a maintenance visit as an opportunity to “tune up” your heating system. In fact, think of your heating system like your car. Just like you’d change your car’s oil and have your tires balanced and aligned, you need to provide your home HVAC system with regular maintenance performed by a technician from Meyer Heating and Air.

When you call us for heater maintenance, we send our technicians out into St. Louis in well-stocked trucks with all the parts they need to complete the job fast and on-the-spot, and we guarantee our work. Our experienced HVAC technicians also follow safety protocol, to ensure you and your family stay happy and healthy at home.

Lower Your Monthly Energy Bill by Maintaining Your Heater

When you maintain your residential heating system and keep it running effectively, you can maximize your heating results and lower your energy bills substantially. What would you do with all that extra money in your pocket each month?

To schedule maintenance or purchase a Service Agreement, call us at 314-845-1929, or contact us online. For regular maintenance, select “Clean & Tune-Up” from the drop-down menu on our online form.