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Five Reasons to Purchase an HVAC Maintenance Plan in St. Louis

HVAC Maintenance Plan

A Service Agreement Could Save You Time and Money

Aside from maybe your roof, siding, and foundation, your home’s heating and cooling are some of the most costly house components to maintain, repair, and replace.They’re also some of the most important; these temperature control systems keep your home comfortable in all four seasons.

You can live with outdated flooring or mismatched kitchen appliances. But you’re less likely to enjoy your home if you’re always too hot or too cold. Meyer Heating and Air makes it easy to keep your HVAC systems up and running, by offering our clients an annual service agreement, sometimes called a maintenance plan or maintenance contract, for a low annual fee. Our service agreement comes with lots of benefits and helps you keep your air conditioning and heating systems running smoothly and efficiently.

To help illustrate how a service agreement can help you maintain your home, we’ve created a list of the top five reasons you should sign up for a maintenance plan from Meyer Heating and Air.

Heating and Cooling Service Agreements Include Two Service Inspections

One of the main benefits of enrolling in an air conditioning and heating maintenance plan is that you’ll receive two service inspections each year, one in the spring for your air conditioner, and one in early fall for your heating system.

These thorough inspections, or “tune-ups,” identify any potential issues with your system and correct them before a major repair is needed and keep your systems running how they’re intended. Most equipment manufacturers recommend that you get each component of your system serviced annually anyway, and it’s our advice, too. You’re already doing these system checks, so you might as well sign up for a service agreement with your St. Louis HVAC experts, Meyer Heating and Air.

When we come out to service your heating system under the service agreement, we will:

  • Clean and adjust controls
  • Clean burners
  • Adjust combustion and test for leaks
  • Lubricate parts as needed
  • Test the safety shutoff response and blower
  • Check the flue for proper venting

When we service your air conditioning system, we will:

  • Clean the condenser unit (usually located outdoors)
  • Test electrical connections and safety devices
  • Lubricate parts as needed
  • Test for refrigerant levels
  • Test airflow
  • Check the blower and coil temperatures

Service Agreements Give You a Discount on Repairs and Equipment

Signing up for a service agreement not only helps you stay on track with inspections, but it also can help you save money on any future repairs or new equipment purchases. At Meyer Heating and Air, our service agreement includes a 25 percent off discount for repair parts and labor, as well as new equipment. We extend this discount because we know that you have made efforts to take care of your system and want to reward you for your attention to maintaining your HVAC.

The savings is significant; for a $1,000 purchase, you can save $250, for example, meaning you only need to pay $750. For some people, this puts equipment upgrades and speedy repairs into financial reach. Plus, everyone can find something they’d rather spend that extra money on!

You’ll Increase the Life Expectancy of Your HVAC System

With consistent maintenance and care, your air conditioning system or furnace will last you for many extra years, which saves you a lot of money.

A system with zero maintenance might last you 15 years, possibly a few years longer if you’re lucky. However, a system that has been regularly cared for with recommended maintenance tasks each year could last 25 years or more. For some families, that’s longer than they’ll even live in a house before upgrading or downsizing. Imagine never having to face the costs of air conditioner installation or buying a new heating system!

Your System Will Run More Efficiently

On average across the nation, heating and cooling costs the average homeowner about $875 per year to operate, according to Energy Star, a government-backed energy partner focused on improving energy efficiency. We know that number can be a lot higher in places that experience both frigid winters and hot, humid summers. And although there are many ways you can improve the efficiency of your home HVAC system, one of the simplest is to have a professional maintain your system.

Your HVAC equipment runs most efficiently when it’s operating in perfect condition. Consistent maintenance keeps these machines as close to optimal condition as possible, which means you will be saving money on your energy bills. Equipment often becomes inefficient if there are issues that need correcting, such as dirty air filters, a refrigerant leak, or improper venting.

You’ll Get Priority Service on Your HVAC System

No one is excited to come home from work or running errands to find that the temperature of their living space is less than ideal because the heater or air conditioner are broken. Dealing with the discomfort is sometimes manageable, like in the summer, when you can open windows and use fans to circulate the air. But in the winter, unless you have space heaters in every room, if your heat goes out, you’ll start to feel chilly rather quickly.

Signing up for a maintenance plan gets you priority service scheduling with Meyer Heating and Air. We reserve repair and maintenance appointments for our agreement-holders because you have shown us that you are dedicated to maintaining your system and have put your faith in us to help you do it.

Sign Up for a Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

A service agreement from Meyer Heating and Air isn’t some elite, exclusive club; we encourage all homeowners in cities near St. Louis, like Arnold, Fenton, Ballwin, St. Charles, O’Fallon, Chesterfield, and Sappington, to sign up for a service agreement. It’s the first step in taking better care of your home systems, and our affordable plan actually saves you money year over year.

Contact us by phone at 314-845-1929 or online to enroll in our service agreement program.