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Has Your Air Conditioner Condenser Been Winterized?

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Why Winterization Should Be Part of Your Air Conditioner Maintenance Routine

We’ve hit the part of winter where we start to see snow and ice in St. Louis. While you may not be using your air conditioner right now, severe weather can damage it if you haven’t taken steps to winterize your outdoor air conditioning units. Winterization helps safeguard your outdoor condenser from rust that is caused by snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Additionally, winterization prevents critters and pests from nesting inside of your unit and damaging mechanical parts.

If your outdoor A/C condenser has not been winterized, the winter weather could already be causing damage to it. Don’t wait too long! Homeowners can perform their own air conditioner winterization at home in no time.

Follow these steps from your experts at Meyer Heating & Air to start the summer with a clean and fully operating A/C.

Shut Off Power to the Condenser

Locate the electrical circuit and cut off the power supply to the unit. This prevents it from turning on during a warm winter day. If your unit turns on during the winter, condensation may occur and freeze overnight, causing damage to your system.

Clean Around the Unit

It is common for the blades inside the condenser to collect leaves, grass, trash, and other debris during the summer months. Remove these hazards and hose the outside of the unit to remove bird dropping, bugs, dust, and anything else that has accumulated. Allow it to fully dry completely before proceeding with the rest of your air conditioner winterization.

Cover With Plywood or Breathable Cover

Adding a protective cover to the top of the condenser prevents debris and moisture from accumulating inside the unit. Cut a piece of plywood slightly larger than the dimensions of the condenser. Place it on top of the condenser and secure it with weights (bricks, cinder blocks, etc.) on the four corners. Some homeowners prefer to use a cover to protect their A/C, which is another great solution. Just be sure to use breathable materials like vinyl and nylon and avoid plastic that traps moisture on the metal and causes it to rust.

Cover Exposed Pipes

Use foam or rubber pipe covers on exposed pipes to protect against freezing. In cold weather climates like St. Louis, sudden drops in temperature can cause pipes to freeze and break. Cover the pipes to insulate them from extreme temperatures and avoid needing major air conditioner maintenance or repairs in the future.

Wax Unit Exterior

Add a coating of car wax to the exterior of the condenser in the winter for added protection of the metal surface. Rain, snow, sleet, and other winter hazards cause damage and rust to your unit exterior. The coat of wax adds a layer of protection, so these elements are not directly touching the metal surface.

Maintain Regular A/C Maintenance On Your Condenser and Other HVAC Equipment

The most effective way to make sure your equipment is ready for the bitter, St. Louis winter is by scheduling regular maintenance. Savvy homeowners opt for our service agreement to receive the following additional benefits:

  • Two service visits per year – Perfect for scheduling one in the spring and one in the fall, right on time for the extreme seasons. One of these visits will handle winterizing your air conditioner condenser.
  • Repair and equipment discounts – Customers with our service agreement receive a 25 percent discount on repair parts, labor, and new equipment.
  • Increased life expectancy on your system – Homeowners that have service agreements get an extra ten years of life out of their equipment on average.
  • Priority scheduling – We pre-reserve appointment slots for our service agreement customers, so we can always fit them in when needed.

Our service agreement is offered to St. Louis area residents at a rate of $168 annually, or $14 a month. If you’re ready to take your heating and air conditioner maintenance to the next level, call us at (314) 845-1929 or reach out online.

It’s Not Too Late, Perform Your DIY A/C Winterization or Call Meyer Heating & Air for an Expert Touch

Just because you didn’t winterize your air conditioner condenser before the winter started, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to protect your unit from the harshest winter conditions yet to come. Follow the aforementioned suggestions to winterize your A/C unit ASAP. If you don’t feel comfortable around your condenser or would like an expert opinion, contact Meyer and we will send a skilled professional to ensure your condenser is secure and ready to withstand the winter.

Meyer knows that HVAC systems don’t have business hours, so neither do we! St. Louis has heating and air experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with those unexpected HVAC emergencies. Call Meyer anytime at (314) 845-1929.

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