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How to Keep Unwanted Particles Out of Your Home’s Air

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Sanuvox Air Filtration Systems Provide Improved Air Quality to Your Home

The COVID-19 pandemic added another level of emphasis on keeping our homes clean. However, many homeowners overlook a very important aspect of maintaining a clean and comfortable home: air quality.

Airborne illnesses, bacteria, and plenty of other unwanted particles can find their way into the air your family breathes at home. While residential air filters are necessary to keep some of these contaminants out, they do not completely purify your air.

Meyer Heating & Air offers Sanuvox air filtration systems that work to perfect the air quality in your home and make sure your family is not at risk of sickness or other side effects of dirty air. Sanuvox high quality home air filtration systems kill over 99 percent of harmful germs and particles in the air, and have even proved effective at killing common viruses.

Our St. Louis heating and air conditioning experts install these systems using your existing ductwork and infrastructure, or as a standalone system in your home. Shop air filtration systems and schedule a consultation today!

How Do Sanuvox Air Filtration Systems Work?

Sanuvox air filtration systems for homes have two main components – a UV lamp and a reflector chamber – that work together to eliminate unwanted elements from the air in your home. Contaminated air is pulled into a chamber where the UV lamp destroys the dust, dirt, allergens, viruses, odors, and other unwanted particles that are harmful to your family. The UV light is extremely effective at catching even the smallest of particles.

The clean air is then sent to the reflector chamber for an added level of purification to catch any contaminants that made it through the UV cleansing process. This guarantees that all unwanted contaminants are caught and nothing is compromising the air that enters your home.

With Sanuvox home air filtration systems, homeowners don’t have to handle cleaners, chemicals, or filters. Just shop air filtration systems with Meyer Heating & Air, schedule a consultation, and enjoy clean air.

Follow These Measures to Complement Your Home Air Filtration System

There are steps to take at home to protect your indoor air quality. Recommendations vary depending on region and climate, so make sure to refer to local health department requirements in addition to the following tips:

  • Regularly clean all surfaces around your home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom since they collect the most germs.
  • Change your air filter every one to two months for ideal air quality. Air filters are the first line of defense against unwanted contaminants. The more debris that the filter catches, the more clogged it becomes, making it harder for the clean air to pass.
  • Schedule a professional duct cleaning service once a year and after any home renovations or construction. Accumulations of dust, dirt, and other particles in your ductwork taint your air as it cycles into your home.
  • Keep vents and return grilles clean and free of dust, dirt, and other debris. Your air can be contaminated as it passes through dirty vents.
  • Clean all ceiling fan blades, so allergens and dust aren’t being thrown into your air or into hard to reach areas of your home.
  • Consider a whole home humidifier or dehumidifier. Dust sticks to water vapors in the air, so managing humidity levels will provide a large improvement to your air quality. Meyer offers options to install directly to your HVAC system.

Shop Sanuvox Air Filtration Systems and Other Products With Meyer Heating & Air

Meyer is more than just your preferred St. Louis heating and air conditioning company, we’re invested in all aspects of your home’s air. That is why we are proudly authorized to sell and install Sanuvox air purification systems, home humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. Contact us for an estimate and we’ll send an expert to assess your home’s air quality needs. Once we determine what air filtration system will work best, your family will be breathing perfect air in no time!

We have more than three decades of combined experience serving St. Louis, so we know how unpredictable HVAC systems can be. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to combat those surprise heating and air conditioning needs in St. Louis. Call us anytime at (314) 845-1929 for assistance with any heating or air conditioning needs.

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