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What’s the Difference Between Biopur and Sanuvair S300 Air Purification Systems?

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A Whole-Home Air Purifier or Portable Purifier is Within Reach for Your St. Louis Home

Breathing clean air isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity! And Meyer Heating and Air, your HVAC expert in St. Louis, can help you achieve it in your home.

Our services for residential heating and air near you extend to air purifiers. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of Sanuvox systems, and they’re now available to our customers in Arnold, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, and St. Louis.

There are multiple options for air purification available, but in general, you can choose from a portable unit, or one that is installed into your home’s existing ductwork or ductwork we install. The one you choose is up to you. Let’s compare and contrast two very different units.

Biopür Portable Air Purifier from Sanuvox

For homeowners interested in an affordable and portable air purifier, the Biopür Sanuvox system is a good choice. It’s designed to reduce airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, germs, chemicals, and odors, in a compact, movable size.

Biopür can clean the air in areas up to 800 square feet using the Sanuvox patented UV technology. A variable speed blower moves air through a series of filters and into the reflection chamber, where the air undergoes a germicidal and oxidation process courtesy of a UV lamp.

Biopür Air Purifier Size and Usage

This effective air purifier weighs just 13.2 pounds, which means you can move it around your home where you need it and plug it in using the included six-foot power cord. The whole system is just 13.23” wide, 9.25” deep, and 23.43” high. And because the Biopür uses just 50 watts of power, your utility bill won’t skyrocket when it’s in use.

It’s an easy-to-use unit; users need only to press the power button to turn it on and adjust the function. Choose from four fan settings using the remote control and see the setting, time remaining on purification, and more information on the LCD display. It comes with a filter kit, including a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and a carbon filter.

Portable Air Filter Replacement and Maintenance

Homeowners who use a Biopür Sanuvox system should carefully follow maintenance guidelines to keep it running properly.

Sanuvox recommends that the filter kit be replaced every six months to one year. Between replacements, filters can be cleaned with a vacuum when the HEPA indicator is on, or when desired – usually about once per month. Keep the lamps free of dust and residue, cleaning with soap or alcohol when necessary. Air filter replacement, however, is absolutely important for ensuring the system is running at its best.

SanuvairⓇ S300 Residential Whole-Home Air Purifier

The Sanuvair S300 Residential is an incredible air purifier system that combines the power of HEPA filtration, UV air purification, and odor reduction in a unit that installs into existing ductwork or its own piping in your home.

Its four-step cleaning process pulls dirty air into the UV lamp to disinfect it, then attacks odors and VOCs with photo-oxidation. The air goes through a MERV 8 pre-filter and a final HEPA filter, capturing any particles larger than 0.3 micron.

Sanuvox Installation Options

The Sanuvair S300 must be installed by an HVAC professional, like our team at Meyer Heating and Air. How your HVAC system is set up in your home will determine the best way to install the air purification system.

The HEPA/UV purifier system is designed to install directly onto the return air plenum of your HVAC system. To get the benefit from it, you must run the fan on your forced-air system continuously.

Without a forced-air system, our HVAC technician will add a return duct on one side of your home with a supply duct and diffuser at the opposite end. Alternatively, the Sanuvair S300 can be wall mounted using optional inlet and outlet louvers that attach to the collar mount port openings at the top and bottom of the unit.

Air Filter Replacement and Maintenance

Air filter replacement is required every three to six months, or as needed. The HEPA filter must be replaced every two to five years.

The UV lamp inside the system will need to be replaced every three years. The inside of the unit must be cleaned every year. One of our St. Louis HVAC technicians will take care of all the upkeep for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing – just like we take care of your heating and air system, too.

Get a Sanuvox System from Meyer Heating and Air

St. Louis has relied on Meyer Heating and Air for all their furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, and mini-split care and installation for years, so it makes sense that you’d want to call us to install one of the highest-quality whole-home air purifiers on the market, made by Sanuvox.

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