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How to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Fall

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Performing HVAC System Maintenance Before the Winter Season Ensures Your Family’s Comfort

It’s always a good idea to be proactive. When it comes to your heating and cooling system, this approach can pay off in spades, especially when you consider the expense involved in repairs or replacements, or how lousy it is to have your heater go out when it’s -10 outside! By preparing your home HVAC system for fall right now, you’re already ahead of the game.

And it’s a good idea to schedule this work early.

Here are six simple ways to get your home HVAC system ready for fall and for the cold of a St. Louis winter.

1. Replace the Filters on Your Home HVAC System

The most common allergens in the home include dust mites, mold, pollen, and dog and cat dander – the bits of protein from the tiny skin flakes your pets shed.

Replacing the air filters in your home HVAC system will help ease your allergy suffering and give you peace of mind. Air filters in your St. Louis home should be replaced monthly for best results if you have children or pets. You shouldn’t go longer than three months without changing the filter.

2. Put Your Air Conditioner to Bed

Through the spring and summer, leaves, brush, and dirt can collect around and on your outdoor system (like your condenser or heat pump), making it hard for air to pass in and out. Clean your condenser or heat pump between each season.

Fall is also a good time to surround the ground around your AC condenser with a thick mulch to block weeds next spring. Place a thick layer of cardboard directly on top of any weeds surrounding your condenser, then cover it with mulch to smother them. This simple task will make maintenance much easier next year. Remember to rake leaves away from your unit, too.

3. Turn On the Heat Before You Need It

You might have wondered what that burning smell was when you turned on your heater for the first time in winter. It’s simply from the dust and other debris that has settled over the heating components being burned away. Some HVAC technicians call it “dirty sock syndrome.” It should go away after about two hours.

One way to deal with this is to turn on the heat on some nice fall day when you have the windows open. Let the heater run for a little while to eliminate the odor, and let the fall breeze disperse it outside. Then when you turn on the heater after the first cold snap, you should be fine.

However, any smell that doesn’t go away should be investigated, especially if it smells like melting plastic, smoldering wires, or gunpowder. If you smell these, turn off the heater and call an HVAC technician.

4. Vacuum Out Air Vents in the HVAC System

Get ready for fall by cleaning out the air vents in your home. Remove the vent covers, wash them off, and vacuum out the ductwork as far back as you can. This is a good way to clean out the hair, dust, and dust mites that have accumulated there, along with any cereal bits or small toys that your toddler dropped.

For allergy and asthma sufferers, elevate the level of HVAC system maintenance and hire your local HVAC service technician to clean out the ductwork in your home.

5. Seal Leaks for a More Energy-Efficient HVAC System

Lowering heating costs involves weatherproofing the house. Now is a great time to add weatherstripping to windows and doors, and caulk any cracks that could let the hot or cold air in.

Look at your ductwork as well, and seal leaks with aluminum tape. You can also talk to a HVAC repairman for services that include insulating ductwork, if necessary.

6. Perform Regular HVAC System Maintenance

Did you know that regular maintenance of your home HVAC system can prevent surprise breakdowns by as much as 95%? The Indoor Air Quality Association also states that regular maintenance also reduces the possibility that noises or smells from the HVAC will affect your quality of life.

Regular maintenance leads to a more energy-efficient HVAC system, and with the price of utilities right now, we could all use some relief. Regular HVAC system maintenance increases the lifespan of your system and gives you peace of mind knowing that your system is ready for winter.

Book HVAC System Maintenance for Fall

An HVAC system checkup twice a year means that a certified technician will inspect your home HVAC system, change the filters, and make any necessary adjustments or repairs before the new season starts. A good service agreement will also include a discount on parts, and priority service when things break down.

Contact the best HVAC maintenance technicians in your city to make an appointment for maintenance before winter hits.