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How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

whole house air purifier in 2021

Whole-Home Air Purifiers Can Majorly Improve Your Air Quality

During these times of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending more time indoors and finding that keeping air clean is even more important than ever. There are some simple and logical steps that everybody can take to help keep the inside air cleaner and purer. It has become incumbent on everybody to take all the steps necessary to keep themselves safe and breathing air that is as pure as possible.

Even though our country is making great strides in getting this virus under control, it serves as a lesson that keeping your home sanitary and free of impurities is important. As we have learned, viruses and pathogens can come out of nowhere and have severe if not deadly consequences.

Basic steps to cleaner air in the home

One of the most basic steps in keeping your home’s air clean is to keep the house clean. Cutting down on dust and other impurities in the home will make a tremendous difference. You can achieve a cleaner house by dusting regularly, vacuuming once or twice a week, and regularly cleaning drapes, bedding, and any materials that attract dust or allergens. You should also consider investing in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter if you do not already own one.

A less well-known step to take is to minimize plants that are indoors. Even though some plants may help air quality by releasing oxygen, they create more problems than they solve because they collect and grow mold which can have a deleterious effect on the air in your home.

Air filter replacement on your HVAC system regularly will help to trap dust and other airborne irritants that otherwise would find their way into your home. Making sure that air ducts are cleaned will also help to eliminate dust particles. You should always use the vent fans whenever you are cooking in your kitchen to keep unwanted irritants from getting into the air.

An additional factor that many people do not consider is that controlling the humidity in your home will factor in greatly in improving the air quality. Dust mites, mold, and other allergens flourish in higher humidity besides higher humidity increases levels of noxious chemicals in the air that include ozone and formaldehyde.

Consider opening a window to get some fresh air circulating throughout the home on days where there is lower humidity and a breeze, as this will also keep air cleaner.

Sanuvox air purifiers

Once you have completed the basic steps, it’s time to investigate a whole house air purifier to put the finishing touches on cleaning up the air of your home. Even though we are known for A/C repair in St. Louis, Meyer Heating & Air is your expert source for the installation of whole-home air purifiers. We know you count on us for air conditioning maintenance, but we also are an authorized installer of the Sanuvox system for air quality.

We are expertly trained on Sanuvox installation so you have a system that has been professionally installed that will keep your home air pure for years to come. Sanuvox has emerged as one of the top whole-home air purifier manufacturers in the world and offers impressive results.

The vaunted Sanuvox air purifier system has been tested and found to be effective in controlling cold flu, and other SARS viruses (which include the Covid Virus family) in your home. The Sanuvox system can control these unwanted viruses that traditional air filters in your HVAC system cannot trap, even if you have an A/C unit that is equipped with a HEPA filter built-in.

The Sanuvox system is a whole-home purifier that uses UV light to kill the unwanted viruses and pathogens in your home’s air to make sure that you are breathing the cleanest and purest air possible. Even the smallest microscopic particles which can escape your air filters cannot get past the two-step UV energy that is employed in the Sanuvox air purification system.

Air conditioner maintenance in St. Louis

It’s only natural that as the premier HVAC installer and maintenance company, Meyer Heating & Air, is also the company that installs the highest quality whole-home air purifying system by being the factory authorized installer of the Sanuvox system.

To ensure that you are doing everything possible to protect yourself and your family from these contagious and possibly deadly viruses and pathogens, call us today at (314) 279-0933 to get a quote on the installation of the Sanuvox system in your home. Or, feel free to request service online.