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Tips for Saving on Your Commercial HVAC Bill

commercial HVAC maintenance in St. Louis

Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair Tips to Beat the St. Louis Heat

In some commercial establishments, the cost of the commercial HVAC maintenance bill can be as high as 12-15% of their operating costs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that could be brought down?

At Meyer Heating & Air, we are focused on exactly that, bringing down your operating costs and making your commercial HVAC installation more energy-efficient and cost-efficient. We are a team of dedicated professionals in the field of air conditioner maintenance in St. Louis, offering our services not only in HVAC installation but also in air conditioner repairs.

Let’s look at the big picture: when we talk of energy efficiency, we are talking of global warming and global carbon footprint. Every small step we take towards improving the efficiency of your air conditioners and equipment will go towards generating and using clean energy and giving back a portion of what we take to the environment. Not all your steps will yield immediate results, but they will have bearings on future generations.

How to keep your air conditioning running smoothly and efficiently

The more efficient your HVAC system and equipment, the more will be the benefits you get in terms of your energy bill. This process is an ongoing exercise. At Meyer Heating & Air, we will guide you through this process to bring down your bill, by using the following few techniques and methods.

Make sure that you have a proper maintenance schedule in place so that all your energy-consuming devices are in top shape and are performing to their rated capacity. You need to monitor the pattern of the performance of your devices and maintain them at periodic intervals. This includes routine visual checks, de-clogging of frequently used parts like the filters, and oiling and greasing of all moving parts to ensure they are safely working to optimum capacity.

Turn off your aircon when not required. It’s sensible that when a machine or gadget is not in use for a prolonged period, it’s turned off to save energy and reduce wear. You can use automated systems that engage and disengage your system when its required, and smart AI systems can transfer heat around your whole building in a highly-efficient manner. It may even be possible that a complete replacement of your air conditioning system will pay for itself within a few years.

Don’t let the systems control you–rather, control them efficiently. Use professionals to identify the correct levels at which the systems work optimally and regulate the heating or cooling accordingly. All systems need not be working at peak performance, particularly when ambient temperatures vary during the day and night. So, collate the data and regulate the temperature of the thermostat.

Machines need to be upgraded and updated over time. Remember, an aging machine could consume more power and become a millstone around your neck if you don’t replace it in time. We at Meyer Heating & Air can offer you the optimal solutions that suit your pocket.

Perform your own energy audit

Keep a tab on your bill. Monitor your HVAC bill on a fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly basis to know how much you are spending on energy. This will tell you whether your power service provider has increased the tariff, and also whether your bill is commensurate with your output. If your production has gone up over a period, it’s okay if the bill goes up. But if it’s the other way around, remember that At Meyer Heating & Air could provide you with a solution.

Is the maintenance in proper shape, are you using adequate lighting during day and night, or is it overdone? Are there adequate skylights for natural ventilation and lighting? Is the cooling or heating escaping anywhere in your establishment? Are you using energy-efficient lighting? Are your systems turned off or kept in sleep mode to reduce power consumption?

Is any equipment emitting excessive heat, putting extra load on the air-conditioning? Are your workers ensuring that the devices consuming more power adjusted to the climate at frequent intervals? Are all insulations in place? Are you using the most efficient tools to monitor? Are you making use of the rooftops of your installations and using solar panels?

Commercial HVAC installation and maintenance in St. Louis

The list is endless. At Meyer Heating & Air, we will help you through these processes to make your building more efficient. Most of the ways to reduce your commercial HVAC bill are common sense, but there are some things that only a professional can do for you. We can help you reduce the amount of money that you send on air conditioning, ultimately making our services pay for themselves. Give us a call today or request a service appointment online. We look forward to helping you!