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Whole-Home Air Purification Systems Are a Game-Changer for St. Louis Residents

In the past few years, more and more homeowners in the St. Louis area have requested Meyer Heating & Air’s indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions for their homes. While we are already very proud of our heating and cooling services, it makes us happy to serve as a resource for families that want to take their HVAC systems to the next level.

Residential indoor air quality is more than just staying warm or keeping cool throughout the year. Meyer Heating & Air offers installation, maintenance, optimizations, and repairs on signature air filtration systems and indoor air quality products to control humidity and provide air purification. To tap into these key services and products, simply request a quote, and our team will work with you to set up the best solution for your needs.

Learn About the Benefits of Meyer Heating & Air’s Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Our residential indoor air quality systems and products offer many benefits to homeowners in the St. Louis area. You can take your heating and cooling to the next level with our air filtration systems, including whole-home air purification systems from Sanuvox. Learn more about each of our offerings – and their many benefits – below.

  1. State-of-the-Art Humidifiers
    During St. Louis winters, the extremely cold air dries out the moisture in the air. You may notice that your eyes, nose, lips, ears, skin, and even your throat feel much drier on a winter morning, especially after a night’s sleep breathing that dry air in. A humidifier’s job is to put moisture back into the air, so you can attain more soothing, healthier indoor air quality along with all the key benefits of a humidification system.

    Although you may be familiar with standalone humidifiers you can buy at an appliance store, Meyer Heating & Air goes a step further to provide outstanding humidity control for your home. Our humidifiers are built right into your HVAC system, so that humidified air reaches your entire home through the air ducts. Standalone systems – even at their best – can never cover enough of your home the way Meyer’s products can.

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  2. High-Performing Dehumidifiers
    Dehumidifiers offer an indoor air quality solution when there’s too much humidity in the air. If you’ve lived in St. Louis for even one summer, you know what we’re talking about. In the summertime, there’s a great deal of moisture in the air, creating that sticky, thick feeling when you step outside your home.

    When there is too much humidity in your home, you can end up with condensation, which leads to property damage, including the growth of mildew and mold. Dehumidifiers draw that moisture into the system to lower your home’s humidity levels, providing fresher air without all that St. Louis mugginess.

    Much like our humidifiers, our dehumidification systems are installed right in your HVAC system, so that humid air is pulled out of your system (and out of your home). Meyer Heating & Air offers the latest dehumidification equipment to ensure your home stays moisture-free and comfortable throughout the hottest months of the year.

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  3. Sanuvox Whole-Home Air Purification Systems
    Many of our customers are curious about how they can keep viruses, bacteria, and other airborne pathogens out of their home. Although many homeowners already use high-rated air filtration systems or stand-alone air purifiers, they are curious about the next step forward to get the most benefits at the best price. Meyer Heating & Air offers systems from Sanuvox that use UV light to deactivate viruses and other harmful particles on the spot.

    Sanuvox UV purification systems are built right into your HVAC system – much like our humidity control products – and, as viruses like the flu pass through, UV light completely eliminates them. If you want healthier air quality, Sanuvox products installed by Meyer offer an added layer of protection.

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Partner with Meyer Heating & Air for Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality and Your Family’s Health

While the benefits of superior heating and cooling systems from Meyer Heating & Air can do wonders for your home, the new frontier of health, safety, and comfort come from your attention to residential indoor air quality.

Meyer Heating & Air is leading the charge to ensure St. Louis-area homeowners are educated about humidity control, whole-home air purification systems, and air filtration systems. When you request a quote from Meyer, we can install a new system – including our Sanuvox UV purification systems – or repair an older system to ensure you get all the benefits of excellent air quality – no matter the season.

Request a quote today by filling out our information online. You can also call us at (314) 845-1929 to learn how we can bring our expert-level services and products into your home today. We look forward to helping you soon!