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How Does UV Light Clean Air? Learn About Our Air Purification Systems

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A Home Air Purification System Is Now a Necessity for Many Homeowners in St. Louis

Now more than ever, homeowners are considering home air purification systems as part of their plan to keep themselves and their families’ health in top condition. Not only has home technology for air purification advanced, but the medical community is in agreement that excellent IAQ (indoor air quality) has benefits for all, not limited to protection from some airborne illnesses, reduction in allergy-related symptoms, and better brain function.

Home technology for air purification has advanced right along with this newfound interest in IAQ from homeowners. Now, a whole house air purification system can be installed affordably inside your HVAC system using a technology that commercial buildings and medical facilities rely upon: UV light.

In this article, we’ll explore how UV light purification systems work, what benefits they provide for your home, and how to get in touch with Meyer Heating & Air for superior service on all products, including these important residential purification systems.

All About UV Light and Air Purification Systems

You might be most familiar with UV light from the tanning bed or those black light posters you used to have in your college dorm. UV (ultraviolet) light is extremely powerful, and – for that reason – is considered a state-of-the-art and highly effective tool used in the elimination of airborne contaminants. It is not uncommon to see medical equipment and operating rooms sterilized with UV rays to neutralize infection.

UV light – which is light beyond the visible spectrum – has enough energy packed into it to serve as a disinfectant by breaking down chemical bonds and destroying the DNA and RNA or microorganisms. When this is complete, that microorganism is unable to multiply and is therefore inactivated.

Much like other technologies that were previously only available to those who paid top dollar, the power of UV light can be affordably incorporated into your home HVAC system. It’s just like 10 years ago when only professional photographers owned cameras that could do what the phone in your pocket does now!

In a home air purification system, UV light is installed right inside your HVAC system, so that as microorganisms including mold spores, bacteria, and viruses flow through, they are destroyed and not able to find their way back through the system as the air recycles.

A whole house air purification system can’t simply rely on air filters – even the most expensive air filters – for total protection. While filters can stop some particles from getting through, it doesn’t destroy them. This is why UV light is a complete solution for air purification in the home.

The Benefits of an Air Purification System in Your St. Louis Home

The benefits of a whole house air purification system depend, first, on selecting a reliable manufacturer and installation team. Meyer Heating & Air are authorized dealers for Sanuvox’s air purification products. We put our trust in Sanuvox, and Sanuvox trusts us to ensure that you’re getting superior performance out of your home air purification system.

A home air purification system, when teamed with Meyer’s expert technicians, offer many benefits. Sanuvox’s UV light products:

  • Help reduce symptoms related to respiratory illnesses and conditions.
  • Help reduce mold, pet odors, household odors, viruses, and bacteria.
  • Help protect your home against airborne contaminants.
  • Help reduce allergy-related symptoms.
  • Do not require any chemicals to operate.


In addition, medical studies determined that air quality plays a role in higher rates of cognition and productivity. For those who work from home – and those with children in the home who are growing, studying, and playing indoors – the difference a home air purification system can make could be a game-changer. Meyer Heating & Air can provide a quick quote for your air purification system, so you can begin reaping these benefits now.

Trust Meyer Heating & Air for Your Air Purification System Installation and Maintenance

Meyer Heating & Air looks forward to bringing a new era of health and wellness to your home through the installation of a whole house air purification system. Not only are we trusted by Sanuvox to provide excellent installation and service on their UV light home air purification products, but we are relied upon by our customers for everything HVAC because of the level of service we’ve provided over the years.

We believe that every St. Louis resident deserves the comfort and security that an optimized HVAC system can provide, and we look forward to bringing that to homes far and wide this year – and well into the future.

Ready to discover the benefits of UV light? Call Meyer at (314) 845-1929, or schedule an appointment with us online. We look forward to serving you and your home’s HVAC system soon!

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