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Heating Installation News: Meet Ruud’s Endeavor™ Heating Systems, New for 2023

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Meyer Heating & Air in St. Louis Provides State-of-the-Art Residential Heating Service

At Meyer Heating & Air, we don’t just offer superior residential heating service; we make sure your home is outfitted with the latest technology, so that the benefits of our service – excellent, comfortable indoor air quality – can be enjoyed all season long.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce a new product in our deep inventory of excellent HVAC equipment. The Ruud Endeavor™ system – new for 2023 – offers exactly what St. Louis customers are looking for: high performance, durability, energy efficiency, and smart controls. As the leading heating installers near you, we look forward to bringing the Endeavor™ to your home when you’re ready for residential heating installation.

Introducing Ruud’s New Endeavor System – Now Available for Heating Installation

Ruud – a premier HVAC manufacturer – is making its Endeavor™ line available to St. Louis customers through Meyer Heating & Air. We are Ruud authorized dealers, which means we know how to install and optimize their systems for residential heating service, including ensuring that the new Endeavor™ product can provide all its powerful features in your home.

The Ruud Endeavor™ system features the following innovations in your home once our residential heating installers complete their work:

  • High-quality craftsmanship and built-to-last materials
  • Bluetooth® compatibility
  • Smart control integration
  • Strict sustainability and efficiency features to save you money
  • A generous warranty
  • Exceptionally quiet operation

When you’re ready for residential heating installation, Meyer Heating & Air will be there with a vast array of choices, including the Ruud Endeavor™ line. We’d be happy to show you how this product works, provide a comparison to other makes and models, and help you select the best fit for your home’s needs and your “must haves.” These incredible systems might even surprise you with special features that you thought might be outside of your budget. Contact our installation team to get your new furnace installed fast.

Why Meyer Heating & Air Only Carries the Best Products for Heating Installation in St. Louis

It’s important to us that you get the very best from our team of heating installers at Meyer – and it’s just as important that the products we install provide all of their promised features and power. That’s why we only choose to work with manufacturers that can guarantee our customers are happy.

Our customers are never left hanging out to dry with inferior products and services with Meyer Heating & Air residential heating installation experts at their side. We’ve studied the HVAC industry thoroughly, and we stay up to date on all that’s new – and that’s why we’re excited to provide Ruud’s Endeavor™ line. Residential heating service is only as good as the high-performing systems and dedicated, expert technicians you choose to invite into your home. With Meyer and Ruud on your side, the results will be outstanding.

The Benefits of Partnering with Our Heating Installation Team, an Authorized Ruud Dealer

When you partner with our residential heating service to install a Ruud system, you’ll end up with additional perks that customers who opt for other heating installers won’t experience.

At Meyer Heating & Air, our residential heating installation team will:

  • Treat your home with courtesy, respect, and kindness.
  • Answer all of your questions and address your concerns with transparency, openness, and eagerness to please.
  • Leave your home exactly how we found it.
  • Explain every feature on your system, so you can maximize your investment in a Ruud product – or any of our products you choose.
  • You’ll have access to us 24/7, 365 days a year if any furnace or AC needs arise.
  • We’ll ensure you understand your options for warranties and other savings.

Most importantly, you’ll have a partner in HVAC for the long run. We’ll be there for maintenance, service, repairs, and any questions or concerns as they come up. We’re here to serve, and to make sure that you can enjoy your home for all it has to offer.

Keep Our Service Agreement in Mind, Too: Want peace of mind that your HVAC system is running strong throughout the year? Our service agreement will guarantee you two comprehensive inspections in the spring and fall, the most important times of the year to gear up your system. At $168 per year – or $14 a month – Meyer Heating & Air will perform our superior diagnostic and cleaning services. And, because you’ve signed up, you’ll get priority service appointments in the future, as well as a 25 percent discount on labor for any HVAC assistance you need down the road.

When you’re ready for the best in residential heating service, including the effective, affordable work of our heating installers, call (314) 845-1929, or schedule an appointment with us online.

To schedule maintenance on your home system, please contact our maintenance team. For 24/7 repairs, get in touch with our dedicated repair team.

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