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The Leading HVAC Maintenance and Service Company Weighs In: Is There an Ideal Home Temperature?

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Learn the Facts, and Find Out How Residential Heating Maintenance Can Keep You Comfortable

If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that you’ve played a game of chess with your thermostat from time to time. You get the temperature just where you want it, and you hope to leave it there for the remainder of the day, so you can keep your home’s temp just where you like it, and keep the status quo with your energy bill.

However, a few hours later you find yourself adjusting the temperature – and then adjusting the temperature again, trying to develop a daily strategy that will keep your bill as low as possible, while also feeling as cool or warm as you like. What’s more, when your spouse, kids, or roommates come home, they adjust the thermostat again, and the whole strategic process starts over.

With all the smart technology for thermostats available today, shouldn’t you be able to find an ideal temperature, and then set it and forget it? Also, can’t an excellent residential heating maintenance and service company optimize your system, so your home feels perfectly cozy or cool for everyone, every day? The answer to both of these questions is yes, if you work with the right HVAC maintenance and service company in St. Louis.

Find out the Meyer Heating & Air perspective on the perfect temperature, and learn what our exceptional technicians can do to provide HVAC system maintenance for your home – so you can enjoy your creature comforts – without getting frustrated with your thermostat.

Our HVAC Maintenance and Service Team’s Research: What’s All the Chatter About the Ideal Temperature?

As cooling and heating unit maintenance technicians who are dedicated to energy savings and efficiency, we’ll make sure your home is optimized for the conditions that will bring the very best indoor air quality for your home.

National Public Radio recently discussed ideal temperatures for the home in summer, citing EnergyStar.gov’s recommendations that your home thermostat should be set at a low of 78 degrees to a high of 82 degrees during the summer, and a low of 62 degrees and high of 70 in winter. This, of course, is rather extreme for some – especially the 82 degrees in summer – but EnergyStar suggests this will ensure the longevity of your system and provide you with the lowest energy bill possible.

While we all would like to do this perfectly – much like we all wish we composted and recycled more – we’re human – and every human is different. There is, of course, truth to what EnergyStar suggests, though we’d probably want it a little warmer in winter and a little cooler in summer, speaking for ourselves.

Our Perspective at Meyer, the Premier HVAC Maintenance and Service Company in St. Louis

Our recommendation as the leading residential heating maintenance company is this: find a temperature as close to the 78 degree mark for cooling that you can, but keep dropping those digits until you feel comfortable. The same goes for heating. Start at 70, and see if you can go a bit lower.

There’s always wiggle room. Feel free to adjust as needed for when you’re in the home during the day and when you sleep (good sleep is an important precious thing, and our HVAC system maintenance team would never want to mess with what feels right to you).

When you’re not at home, consider these guidelines from EnergyStar: your home can withstand somewhere near 82 degrees in the summer and 62 degrees in the winter (that is, unless you have pets you’re trying to keep comfortable as well). And, again, let your comfort level be your guide.

To conquer the ever-shifting temperature of your home while you’re there, our cooling and heating unit maintenance technicians recommend tracking the temperature throughout the day, because your home temperature increases and decreases as the sun rises and sets, depending on the direction your home faces and where trees in your yard are located. Make notes about what feels most comfortable for you as the day goes on, and then create a program on your thermostat to automatically shift to those temperatures, so you’re not hopping up to change it yourself.

What Our Residential HVAC Maintenance Team Can Do to Optimize Your Home’s Temperature

If, when you’re seeking out the lowest or highest temperature for your liking, you find that your bill is higher than you’d like it to be, there are other optimizations and HVAC system maintenance that can be performed on your system without having to adhere to the strict rules mentioned above.

Our superior cooling and heating unit maintenance services include checking and cleaning your system to ensure that all components are firing as expected, so that your system is delivering warm and cool air that fits your desired comfort level.

We recommend that your system is checked and serviced twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring – to ensure it’s prepared for the hottest and coldest times of year. Our comprehensive service agreement optimizes your HVAC system and activates additional service benefits and discounts. Learn more about the value of our service agreement on our website.

Meyer Heating & Air is always available to ensure your home is comfortable and enjoyable. Our commitment to customers as a licensed, bonded, and insured company is to guarantee your satisfaction with the best products and services for HVAC available in St. Louis. Give us a call 24/7 at (314) 845-1929 or schedule an appointment with us online. We look forward to being of service to you.

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