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Save Money With an Energy Efficient HVAC System in St. Louis

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How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck From Your HVAC in St. Louis

Winter is approaching fast in St. Louis, and that means temperatures dropping below zero degrees. Weather extremes usually come with overworked heating and air conditioning systems in St. Louis, often leading to higher bills.

It is reasonable for there to be variation in utility bills, but you should not accept excessively high bills laying down. Your home may benefit from an energy efficient HVAC system if you are experiencing elevated bills.

Energy efficient heating and cooling systems offer many environmental and financial benefits, such as:

1. Lower Heating and Cooling Bill

The most appealing benefit of energy efficient heating and cooling systems is a lower electricity bill. These systems are designed to use a fraction of the energy an older system uses to operate the heating and air conditioning in St. Louis. Without sacrificing the comfort of your home, you can save money every month on your utilities with a simple switch to a more efficient system.

These bill savings will result in the cost of the new heating and cooling system paying itself off over time. Any savings past that is bonus money back to your bottom line.

2. Update Your HVAC in St. Louis For a More Comfortable Home

Anyone who has been severely uncomfortable in their own home knows how important this is. When extreme weather hits in St. Louis, heating and air conditioning systems that can’t keep up force people out of their homes to find comfort elsewhere. St. Louis temperatures elevate utility bills so much that families may be reluctant to set their system to counteract the uncomfortable temperatures. An HVAC upgrade is just what the doctor ordered for your home.

3. The Weather is Unpredictable in St. Louis, HVAC Upgrades Offer Improved Temperature Detection

Newer, more efficient heating and cooling systems do a better job of sensing the temperature in your home and accurately heating and cooling rooms without having inconsistencies or overworking the system. Not only does this mean a more comfortable atmosphere in your home, but it also adds to your savings by making sure the system is only running when needed.

4. Lower Heating and Cooling Repair Costs

It’s harder for HVAC companies to find parts for old heating and cooling systems, which can lead to higher costs or longer lead times on your repairs. Modern systems are much more widespread and easier to find parts for. Additionally, there are many more options for OEM and aftermarket parts that can save on repair costs as well.

5. Energy Efficient Systems Offer Automation To Support St. Louis HVAC Systems

An upgraded heating and cooling system can integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT) to work with smart thermostats and give homeowners much more control over their heating and cooling system. With the ability to control the system from your phone being among the features, it is much easier to adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere. This gives you the flexibility to save money while everyone is away and still make sure the house feels just right when you get home.

Meyer Heating & Cooling Will Meet All of Your St. Louis HVAC Needs

Contact our team at Meyer Heating & Air to add energy efficient upgrades to your heating and air conditioning in St. Louis. We are the best St. Louis HVAC service provider, and we’ll prove it by keeping your system running correctly and efficiently through routine maintenance. Our goal is to help you prevent expensive breakdowns of your heating and cooling systems.

St. Louis air conditioning and heat systems work very hard to combat the volatile weather. Unfortunately, not all HVACs in St. Louis will make it through the hardest seasons this year. If you are one of the people that has a system that has been worked too hard and needs to be replaced, contact your St. Louis HVAC experts. We’ll work with you to figure out the heating and cooling needs of your home and decide on which units will work for your space.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we understand you can’t always plan for the services you need on your heating and cooling systems. Call us anytime at (314) 845-1929, day or night, with any concern and we will be happy to assist. Additionally, for non-emergencies and other inquiries, reach out online via our website and one of our team members will get in touch with you.