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Benefits of Getting a Service Agreement Before Winter

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Maintain Your Heating and Air Conditioning in St. Louis With a Service Agreement

Many St. Louis residents question if investing in a heating and air conditioning service agreement is worth it. The answer to this question will vary by individual experience. Those that have had the experience of getting a brand new system and hearing unusual noises just months later will confirm the importance of service agreements. As will residents that have had their air conditioning shut down in the middle of the St. Louis heat.

No matter your heating and air conditioning experience in St. Louis, you should seriously consider a service agreement before the winter hits.

An investment in long-term, consistent heating and air conditioning maintenance is the best way to keep your home at perfect temperatures year-round. You are guaranteed the services of experienced and knowledgeable technicians on a regular basis to keep your systems at optimal performance.

Get Maximum Efficiency From Your Heating and Air Conditioning in St. Louis With a Service Agreement

Maintaining HVAC systems is a delicate balance. You don’t want to work your heating and air conditioning so hard in St. Louis weather that it can’t operate on the hottest and coldest days. Likewise, you don’t want the system working too hard when it doesn’t have to. Having a service technician assessing your system on a regular basis with a service agreement will help maximize your efficiency by performing preventative measures that will prevent and predict malfunctions. Additionally, a more efficient system will save you money by only using what is needed.

St. Louis Air Conditioning and Heating Systems That Are Under Service Agreements Yield Maximum Performance

Unfortunately, HVAC systems lose power to heat and cool your home as they become older. Regular system maintenance with a service agreement is meant to keep the system working accurately and, more importantly, catch minor problems before they escalate into major repairs. Having your system under a service agreement for regular heating and air conditioning maintenance is the best way to keep the system performing as close to new as possible.

Major heating and air conditioning service and repairs are expensive, so catching small issues or potentially compounding issues early is a major money saver for customers with a service agreement. Good air conditioning maintenance technicians know how to identify minor problems before they can severely hurt your system.

What Do You Get With a Service Agreement From Meyer Heating and Air?

We encourage all homeowners to explore a service agreement for their air conditioning maintenance. It’s the biggest step you can take to invest in the upkeep of your HVAC systems. Meyer Heating & Air service agreements help save you money year over year on top of the other following benefits:

  • Two Yearly Service Inspections: With our service agreement, you have an inspection included in the spring and one in the fall, just in time for the seasons that require the most of your heating and air conditioning in St. Louis. You can expect your heating system to have various maintenance tasks performed, including cleaning and adjusting controls, cleaning burners, testing for leaks, lubricating parts, and more. Additionally, the air conditioning system will have tasks performed such as cleaning the condenser unit, testing electrical connections, testing refrigerant levels, etc.
  • Discounted Repairs and Equipment: A 25% discount on repair parts, labor, and new equipment is included with all service agreements. That’s $250 on a $1,000 purchase! Your investment in your system deserves to be rewarded with financial relief and Meyer wants to provide that when unavoidable issues arise with your systems.
  • Increased Life Expectancy of Your Systems: St. Louis heating and air conditioning units that have no maintenance are lucky to survive longer than 15 years. A regularly cared for system that has followed recommended maintenance and addressed minor issues can easily last longer than 25 years. This 10-year difference usually means that families don’t have to worry about their HVAC systems during their entire time living in a house.
  • Priority Service: We reserve appointments for maintenance and repair for our service agreement holders to allow us to serve them as quickly as possible when they have heating and air conditioning service emergencies.

Meyer Heating and Air Is you Go-To For All Your St. Louis Heating And Air Conditioning Service

With the weather ready to change to winter extremes in St. Louis, your HVAC system will be working hard to keep your home clean. It is essential to monitor and maintain your HVAC system to enjoy a seamless transition to winter weather.

Our service agreement is offered to our valued customers at a rate of $168 annually, or $14 a month. If you’re ready to purchase your agreement, call us at (314) 845-1929 or reach out online. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.