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When to Start Using Your Central Heat this Year

It Can Be Hard To Know When To Use Heating and Air Conditioning in St. Louis

Fall is here and you know what that means in St. Louis. One day is cold, the next is hot, and then back to cold again. It’s impossible to predict the Midwestern weather. This also makes it hard to know when to use central heating and air conditioning in St. Louis. You want a comfortable atmosphere, but you also don’t want to turn on the central heat prematurely and have to turn it right back off. Knowing that perfect time when to turn the central heat on is important.

How Do You Know If You Should Turn On the Central Heat?

Much of this answer is based upon personal preference and how you like your home to feel. Experts recommend starting the central heat when interior temperatures drop below 64º Farenheit. However, this is merely a recommendation, and the final call will depend on you and your circumstances. Environments with children, seniors, immunocompromised people, or others who have different comfort preferences will require more attention and adjustment to this philosophy.

Is Your Central Heat Turning On?

If your home feels a little colder than you would like and you can’t tell if the heat is turning on, you probably need to test the system. There are a few different things that may be the culprit:

At What Temperature Does My Central Heat Need to Come On?

When you turn your central heat on is best determined by the temperature inside of the house, not the outdoor temperature. Indoor temperature is more accurate, because the way different houses feel in the same temp can vary based on many factors including:

Things To Do Before Turning On Central Heat

Steps to take before switching to heat was covered in depth as well, but this is a quick overview of some steps to take to get your home ready to operate central heating this year:

Contact Meyer Heating and Air With Any Residential Heating Repairs or Heating Installation

The St. Louis winter is extreme and that cold can really wear down your central heating. It is important to stay up to date with updates on your system. It will be tough to be without heating and air conditioning in St. Louis, so it is important to prepare your system for the next big season.

If you need a new central heating system, our team will get you a free estimate at your home to assess your needs and determine what units work best.

St. Louis heating and air conditioning systems are unpredictable and can malfunction at the worst times, so we’re available all the time. Contact us by phone at (314) 845-1929 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or reach out online to schedule a service.

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