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Benefits of Multi-zone Heating & Cooling

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Another Way to Optimize Your Heating And Air In St. Louis

The weather in St. Louis puts a strain on residential air conditioning and heating systems. Most families learn this the hard way with rooms that are too hot or too cold. It can seem impossible at times to get the right temperature everyone is comfortable at. However, we’re here to tell you about a solution to this frustration: multi-zone heating and cooling.

Why St. Louis Heating And Air Systems Need Multi-zone

Many families are opting to upgrade their residential air conditioning and heating to multi-zone to have more control over their heating and air. In St. Louis, that can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a sweaty, tossing and turning disaster.

Multi-zone heating and cooling allows you to set different temperatures in different areas of your house. It’s excellent for those that need to customize the temperature room-by-room. You can select how many zones you have and where they are.

If you like being warm in your living room during the day and cool at night for bed, you have the power to do just that. The zones are regulated by a series of chutes in your ductwork that direct the correct hot or cold air where it’s directed. Each zone has its own thermostat to control its temperature, giving you ultimate flexibility. Combine that with some of the control and access you now have with smart thermostat technology, and you will never look at residential air conditioning and heating the same again.

Additional Benefits Of A Multi-zone Installation By Your St. Louis Air Conditioning and Heating Experts

Some of the benefits of multi-zone heating and cooling are obvious, but others go beyond what most people would even think when considering the change. Let’s take a look at the biggest benefits of transforming your residential air conditioning and heating into a multi-zone system.

  • More Comfort For Everyone: The ability to optimize the temperature in each zone to the preferences of your family members will make for the most comfortable and cozy living environment you can imagine.
  • Save Money: Multi-zone is a more efficient method of heating and cooling. Your HVAC system will no longer struggle with the scorching heat or bitter cold to bring your entire house to one temperature. Zones allow each part of your home to get to the right temperature faster and more efficiently, eliminating wasted energy heating or cooling rooms that are already at the desired temperature. That saved energy adds up and puts money back in your pocket over time.
  • Energy Efficiency: The wasted energy we referenced above not only saves you money, it’s better for the environment as well.

Multi-zone Heating And Air In St. Louis With Meyer

Reach out to our team at Meyer Heating & Air to upgrade your residential air conditioning and heating. We are the leading heating and air conditioning service provider in St. Louis. We’ll make sure your system is always running correctly and as efficiently as possible on a regular basis. This will help prevent costly breakdowns and unplanned repairs.

The strain that the St. Louis weather puts on your heating and air systems is not always sustainable. If your HVAC system, residential air conditioning, or heating unit has been pushed beyond repair, you’ll need to get in touch with your St. Louis heating and air experts. Our team will come to your home and help figure out the best unit to fit the size, construction, and condition of your home. We want this to be as seamless as possible, so we’ll provide an itemized estimate on all the costs associated with your installation.

Additionally, we offer services that improve the quality of the air entering your home. Our indoor air quality systems combine advanced air filtration and purification with high-quality humidifiers and dehumidifiers. This creates perfect air in your home that is free from allergens, debris, and other unwanted particles. Never worry about low-quality air in your home again with air quality systems!

If you’re in need of services on your heating and air in St. Louis, Meyer is ready to provide solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that HVAC breakdowns are unpredictable, so we want to be available when you need us most. We invite you to call us anytime, day or night, at (314) 845-1929. For non-emergencies and other consultations, you can also reach out online on our website and one of our team members will contact you.

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