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You Can Add a Central Dehumidifier to Your Existing HVAC System

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Our St. Louis Heating and Air Experts Can Build a Dehumidifier Directly Onto Your Residential Air Conditioning

When determining air conditioning maintenance, one often overlooked element of your home is the air quality and the humidity levels. When it is humid outside, it is easy to notice and identify. However, since the home is your natural environment, it can be difficult to notice the shifts in humidity. Paying attention to humidity levels is important because they can cause some issues for you, your family, and your home.

So What is This Big, Bad Humidity That Our Air Conditioning Service Technicians Are Always Monitoring?

Humidity is the measure of how much water vapor is in the air. However, it’s important to note that humidity is different between outdoor and indoor air. Outdoors, as the temperature increases, the air starts to have more water vapor than it can hold correctly. This is why in St. Louis, air conditioning is so crucial because the humidity is off the charts in the summertime.

As far as indoor humidity goes, the Environmental Protection Agency has suggested that home humidity levels should stay between 30 and 50 percent. This means that the air is between 30 and 50 percent filled with water vapor. Indoor humidity is measured with a tool called a hygrometer. You can get one online for around $10 to $20.

Your House’s Humidity Level is Important to Your Residential Air Conditioning, Your Health, And Your Home

When air has low levels of humidity it is often referred to as dry air. One of the most important reasons to monitor humidity levels in the home is because dry air has adverse effects on your health and the house itself.

Low humidity can cause issues such as warped or split wood, and dried out/shrinking caulk around sinks, toilets, tubs, and windows. These issues can get expensive and – in the case of the caulking – may even cause your bills to rise because air is less contained.

Your body also responds negatively when exposed to too much dry air. Reactions to dry air include dry skin, chapped lips, and nosebleeds. If these symptoms start occuring, it may be time to test the humidity in your home.

One thing to note is that you don’t want to overcorrect the humidity in the home. Too much humidity can lead to issues like mold and excessive moisture that causes damage or results in health issues. Let your St. Louis heating and air experts handle the correction to ensure the job gets done right.

Other Added Benefits of a Dehumidifier Installation By St. Louis Heating And Air Experts

We’ve discussed what humidity is and why it is important to monitor humidity levels in your home. Here are some benefits you’ll see with a whole-home dehumidifier attached to your residential air conditioning:

  1. Extra moisture barrier: Some families opt for smaller portable humidifiers that can be found at places like Target and Walmart. While these are fine for a single room, they don’t cover the rest of the home. Adding a humidifier to your air conditioning service will help keep bacteria, mold, and viruses at bay throughout your house.
  2. Comfort: We know firsthand in St. Louis that excessively humid air is sticky and uncomfortable. When humidity is at its highest, it’s almost impossible to alleviate, even indoors. A whole home humidifier works harder than your residential air conditioning can alone. This ensures humidity and moisture are under control.
  3. Reduced allergens: Another common issue that comes with changing weather is allergies. Itchy eyes, runny noses, and marathon sneezes are all too familiar to many families. Without added measures, many of the allergens that cause those side effects can get into the air of your home. A whole home dehumidifier is an added barrier of protection to keep your family healthy.

Tack On a Whole Home Dehumidifier to Your Next Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit

Upgrade to cleaner, more comfortable air today by reaching out to our air conditioning service team at Meyer Heating & Air. We’ll start by examining your home, determining the best options to improve air quality and comfort, and deliver a free estimate. This is also a good time to decide if you need to upgrade or replace your residential air conditioning.

Call us at (314) 845-1929 or email us whenever you are ready to breathe easier knowing your air humidity is perfect for the health of your family and the security of your home.

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