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Signs that it is time to replace your air conditioner

It is fairly easy to be able to tell when you are having problems with your air condition and whether it is to old or not. The best thing you can do is replace your air conditioner before it gets to around 15 years old. That way the entire unit doesn’t breakdown leaving you with no air at all.

You can tell if your system is old and needs replaced if it has:

  • Slow Performance
  • Poor Efficiency
  • Frequent Repairs
  • Dusty
  • Blowing Out Hot Air

All of these things means that it is time to get a new air conditioner. This list shows that your air conditioner is to old and has had a lot of usage. It’s important to get a new air conditioner and not keep having pieces being replace one by one because that will just accumulate to more money on repairs. Buy a new air conditioner for your home, so you can be cool during the Summer months.