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Smell Gas When Your Furnace Starts?

smelling gas

Is it normal to smell gas when my furnace starts up? No, there could be many causes for the smell; we have listed a few below. There are several DIY articles on the internet about fixing a gas smell, from putting soap on the gas lines to see if the lines are leaking and opening up the furnace and tinkering in there. You might even find some discussion groups that says it’s normal to smell gas. However a gas smell could be a serious issue and best left to a professional like Meyer Heating and Air.

  • Heat exchange is cracked
  • Leak in the supply line
  • Exhaust vent is blocked
  • Leaking valves or pipes

Note: If you have a gas furnace it is always a good idea to have a CO2 detector installed in the home. CO2 is a colorless, odorless gas that can quickly kill. A $40 CO2 detector is worth your family’s safety.