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Things in Your Home That Are Making Your Air Toxic in St. Louis

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A Whole-Home Air Purifier Like the Sanuvox System Makes Breathing Better

Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors, where air pollutants are often up to five times higher than they are outdoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The increase in indoor pollutants are due to changes in the modern home as compared to years previous. And you might be surprised by what’s causing a decline in your indoor air quality.

While you can’t change how your home is built, and it’s difficult to replace all of its contents, you can contact Meyer Heating and Air, a local St. Louis HVAC company near you, to learn more about the Sanuvox system, a whole-home air purifier that’s proven to reduce air pollution, including viruses, bacteria, dust, and more.

Energy Efficient Building Construction Reduces Indoor Air Quality

Energy-efficient construction is great for conserving energy, lowering utility bills, and doing your part for the environment, but it isn’t always the best for air quality in your home.

Energy-efficient homes tend to be sealed up tightly, with no drafts or air movement from the outdoors in. This is exactly how energy efficiency is designed, in that you don’t “pay to heat or cool the outside.” For many people, this efficiency is their end goal.

But with decreased airflow and insufficient mechanical ventilation that often goes along with energy efficiency, your indoor air quality ends up suffering.

You’d never want to give up energy efficiency, of course, so you’ll need a Sanuvox installation to keep your home’s air clean and fresh. Meyer Heating and Air can take care of that for you, and help you maintain your system with air filter replacement and other HVAC tuneups over the course of the year with our annual service agreement.

Use of Synthetic Building Materials Affect Indoor Air

The plastics and other synthetic building materials and finishes that go into the modern home undergo a lengthy process called off-gassing. Off-gassing occurs when manufactured items in our homes release VOCs and other chemicals.

Almost every product we bring into our homes will be off-gas, including leather sofas, pressed wood furniture, carpeting, vinyl flooring, paint, plywood, and insulation. You just can’t get around it.

If you want to improve air quality as the contents of your home off-gas, sometimes for years, then you need an air purification system, and not one that you purchase from your local big box store, which are largely ineffective for smaller particles and VOCs.

Household Cleaners and Air Fresheners Decrease Air Quality

You want to keep a clean house. Modern cleaning products are full of chemicals, which can be necessary to kill viruses and bacteria, and to remove dirt and dust.

Just like the building materials and furniture release those VOCs, so do your cleaning products and air fresheners. These VOCs linger in your indoor air, and you breathe them in. Now, imagine how often you use cleaners and air fresheners in your home. You’re re-releasing VOCs into the air, over and over again.

Indoor Air Pollution Health Effects

When your indoor air quality is poor, you may experience health effects. These effects are well-established, especially for common indoor pollutants like radon, particular pollution, Legionella bacterium, and carbon monoxide.

Common symptoms include irritated eyes, throat, and nose; headaches; dizziness; respiratory disease; fatigue; heart disease; and cancer.

Sanuvox Systems Keep Your Home’s Air Clean

Sanuvox whole-home air purifiers are installed using your existing HVAC ductwork, or as a standalone system. The purifiers kill 99.99999 percent of germs and other harmful particles in the air using two components.

The first is a UV lamp. The UV and UVC lamps inside the system destroy chemicals – like those VOCs – particles, and odors in the air.

The second section, a reflector chamber, directs the UV energy and prepares clean air for recirculation into your home.

Schedule Your Sanuvox Installation Today

If you want cleaner, more pure air in your home, call Meyer Heating and Air at 314-279-0933 to make an appointment to learn more about the Sanuvox air purification system.

Our expert technicians will go over the installation process with you, what you can expect from the system, and give you an HVAC estimate for installation.

Now is the time to improve the air quality in your home in Arnold, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, and St. Louis. Meyer Heating and Air, a locally owned and operated company, is ready to help you.

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