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Avoid Emergency HVAC Service This Winter in St. Louis

man suffering from cold from furnace problems

Performing Proper Heating Maintenance Can Save You Time, Money, and Stress

“Why do I live somewhere that makes my face hurt from the cold?!”

You might’ve thought this to yourself, exasperated at your choice of residence, at least once during one of our chilly St. Louis winters.

As you pine for the practically tropical winter season that more southern states may have to offer, you should really be turning your attention to your St. Louis heating and air system, and ensuring that it’s ready for cold temperatures.

Following a basic HVAC maintenance plan means you are less likely to experience HVAC emergencies, like these four common ones our technicians at Meyer Heating and Air see on service calls to homes in Arnold, O’Fallon, Chesterfield, and the surrounding areas.

St. Louis Residents Call for Emergency HVAC Service When Their Thermostat Doesn’t Work Correctly

Modern thermostats have lots of working parts, and smart ones are like tiny computers controlling your heating. That means they can fail to work properly for many different reasons, although most often, they simply need some basic adjustments.

Most commonly, a thermostat doesn’t work properly when it needs new batteries, should be recalibrated, or if the wiring is faulty. You can tell that your thermostat isn’t working properly when your room temperature is rising – or dropping – and not in the direction that you’re telling it to. Sometimes, you may notice that the thermostat appears to be “dead”; the screen doesn’t turn on or light up.

Fortunately, thermostats are one of the least expensive fixes that fall under the category of emergency HVAC repair. They’re also one of the quickest to take care of.

Emergency HVAC Repair is Necessary When Your Heater Won’t Turn On at All

St. Louis families feeling cold in their own homes often call us for emergency HVAC service when their furnace or heat pump aren’t turning on and blowing warm air.

Heat pumps in particular can suffer during periods of extreme cold. When coils frost over, the heat pump simply won’t work. Furnaces and boilers don’t frost over, but it’s still a serious issue when you can’t keep your home warm, and the cause could be one of many issues.

A house that is cold for extended periods of time could sustain even more damage, usually in the form of frozen and burst pipes. That’s why it’s a true HVAC emergency when your furnace won’t run at all.

Call a Repairperson for Heating and Air Near You When You Experience Decreased Air Flow

Forced-air heating systems distribute warm air throughout your home via ductwork and vents. Decreased air flow is a sign of a common problem that can be remedied quite quickly; it’s also part of regularly-scheduled HVAC maintenance.

When your forced-air heating system isn’t blowing very hard through your vents, most commonly it’s because your air filter is too dirty to properly allow air to pass through it. Air restriction makes your HVAC system work harder than it needs to and can actually wear it out quickly.

If you notice restricted airflow from your vents, change your air filter – which you should be doing every month or so – and see if it improves. If it does, you can rest easy. If it doesn’t, it’s time to make an appointment for a service call from Meyer Heating and Air.

Call for Emergency HVAC Service When Your Home Heats Unevenly

Especially if it’s a new problem, you should call the specialists in heating and air near you if you notice your home has uneven heating issues.

Regular maintenance can prevent this problem to an extent. An evaluation to determine whether your home’s ductwork or radiators are placed or sealed correctly may be necessary. You may also notice this problem if you have drafty doors or windows.

While some people don’t consider uneven heating to be an emergency, you should still call Meyer Heating and Air right away if this is a new development that you’ve never experienced in your home before.

Call Our St. Louis Heating and Air Experts

If you notice an issue with your heating and cooling system at home, get in contact with Meyer Heating and Air right away, either by phone or through our online appointment system. We’ll work diligently with you to schedule an appointment that works with your life and diagnose whatever’s ailing your HVAC system.

With decades of experience, our family business is devoted to keeping your St. Louis-area home and family comfortable this winter – and the rest of the seasons, too. Let us help you by providing emergency HVAC service or a service agreement for bi-annual maintenance.

Contact Meyer Heating and Air today to ensure you’re cozy at home this winter.